Benefits of blended events

Online events have significantly grown in popularity in recent times and have become an integral part of many of our clients’ long-term event strategies.

We urge companies to seriously consider the benefits of blended events, which combine a live in-person event with an online component.

Blended events have many benefits, allowing for greater flexibility and increased audience reach. We have recently worked on events typically attended by a few hundred people that were watched by tens of thousands online, so we have witnessed this at first-hand.

Blended events provide the option to adjust your audience size at short notice or to switch to fully online seamlessly. There is also the extended life span of on-demand content, allowing attendees to continue to engage with an event after it happens, not to mention the increased sponsorship reach the larger audience potential provides.

If you’d like to deliver a b2b event and want some advice, or a fresh approach, feel free to get in touch!