Our Journal

  • Meet us: Amber
    We caught up with Amber Rose, our Senior Event Manager and Marketing Manager, to get to know her better… What do you enjoy most about working in events?I love meeting new people. I’ve always found it super easy to talk to people and so networking with unfamiliar faces is something that will never get old … Read more
  • We did it!
    ABTA did it. Morocco did it. Delegates did it. And WE did it! After the long three year wait, we finally made it to Marrakech where we managed and produced ABTA’s 2022 overseas Convention. By all accounts, from social media and anecdotal feedback, it was a huge success. Our thanks to everyone who attended the … Read more
  • 20 year work anniversary
    Congratulations to Sara Biggs, our Head of Finance, who celebrated 20 years with Dellar Davies this month! We’d like to thank Sara for her loyalty to the business and for everything she does to go above and beyond! Sara said “Over the past 20 years, I have been incredibly fortunate to work with brilliant colleagues … Read more
  • Lucy’s Work Experience
    Lucy Francis, a year 12 student has spent some time with us this week carrying out work experience across different areas of Dellar Davies. Lucy said, “I have loved my time at Dellar Davies as I’m interested in studying Marketing and Event Management next year at university. Being at Dellar Davies has helped me to … Read more
  • Blended event tip: flexible registration
    Our next tip for delivering a successful blended event is to be flexible with your registration options. We recommend offering early bird registration rewards to motivate people to register for your event early on. Also, keep in mind that online attendees will often register right at the last moment because they don’t need to make … Read more
  • World Health Day
    As today marks World Health Day, the Dellar Davies team share the ways they like to keep healthy… Sara: Ariel classes (hoop, pole, and trapeze) keep me fit and sane because life is better upside down! I also do gym classes 3-4 times a week, mixing it up between HIIT and Body Pump. Oh, and … Read more
  • Meet us: Natalie
    We caught up with Natalie Scripps, our Assistant Event Manager and Registration Executive, to get to know her better… What do you enjoy most about working in events?Every event is different; from the client, the location, design, and production to whether it is in-person, online, or blended – no two events are the same! Most … Read more
  • Online event tip: the power of design
    Our next online event tip would be not to forget the power of design… Customise your virtual event portal to reflect your brand, or the event experience that you want to create. The right design will set the tone for your event and ensure it stands out. There is so much you can customise, from brand colours … Read more
  • Pearls of wisdom
    Today marks Dellar Davies 30th Anniversary; an anniversary traditionally celebrated with the gift of pearls. Pearls stand as a symbol of wisdom and they are the only precious gemstones that begin life as a tiny hidden speck, before adding layers and growing stronger and more robust over time. It feels fitting therefore that the pearl … Read more
  • Benefits of blended events
    Online events have significantly grown in popularity in recent times and have become an integral part of many of our clients’ long-term event strategies. As we move forward and see more and more in-person events returning, we urge companies to seriously consider the benefits of blended events, which combine a live in-person event with an online … Read more
  • Meet us: Helena
    Favourite event destinations?My favourite was Tokyo, where we delivered ABTA’s Travel Convention. It was unique, the food was incredible, and the people were so welcoming. Highlights included a party on the 39th floor of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel where we enjoyed breath-taking views across Tokyo; supper at the famous (Kill Bill) Gonpachi Restaurant and amazing … Read more
  • Change it up!
    Check out our tips on changing up your online event format to provide new event experiences… Try something new Add on-demand videos that are unrelated to the main event to bring light and shade into the day. For example, a light workout routine, podcasts, trivia questions, games or even a cooking demo. Interrupt your attendees … Read more
  • Content is King
    As the Omicron wave at the start of 2022 has driven many companies to move their in-person events back online, a reminder that great content is critical to make your online event a success. Here are our top tips to ensure your content stands out: Keep it snappy An attendee’s attention span is much shorter … Read more
  • Welcome back Michelle
    A note to let our clients, connections and friends know that our colleague Michelle Trotter has returned from maternity leave! Welcome back to Dellar Davies, Michelle! You may also be interested in:Meet us: MichelleTracy Phillips promoted to Managing Director
  • Meet us: Rebekah
    We caught up with Rebekah Richards, our Event Manager, to get to know her a bit better. What do you enjoy most about working in events?In a strange way, I enjoy the stress and pressure but there is no better feeling of comradery than being with your team on-site at an event. The stress and … Read more
  • Top tip: how to maximise your event branding
    While your event brand should reflect your organisation’s brand, it can (and should) have a brand of its own! Event branding tells a story, increases awareness, and helps your audience to understand who you really are and why your event is important. However, it’s only through a well-planned and cohesive approach that you’ll experience the … Read more
  • There’s a first for everything
    When ABTA’s Chief Executive, Mark Tanzer, said last week that he was looking forward to doing something for the second time at next year’s Travel Convention, I had to smile. In 2019 we organised ABTA’s first Travel Convention to take place in Asia, when it took place in the fabulous neon-lit city of Tokyo.  In … Read more
  • Meet us: Michelle
    We caught up with Michelle Trotter, our Head of Design, to get to know her a bit better… What do you enjoy most about working in events?Although I’m not an event organiser, as Head of Design I get to enjoy the occasional recce and to attend events to see all my work come to life. … Read more
  • Top tips for remote speakers
    At Dellar Davies, we have conducted numerous online events. Here are our top suggestions for remote speakers connecting with audiences online: SmileIt may be a cliché, but smile – you are on camera! Authenticity is best Avoid using virtual backgrounds, which will create visual and sound interference. Position yourself correctly Place yourself in the centre … Read more
  • Event apps: an event must-have
    Here are seven reasons why Event Apps are a must-have for your next event… They provide an easy way of connecting your audience.Apps can be used for online, in-person and blended events so you can connect both your online and on-site audiences. Benefit the environment.Digital check-in, badges and downloadable resources enables you to create a … Read more
  • Meet us: Sara
    We caught up with Sara Biggs, our Head of Finance, to get to know her a bit better… Tell us something not many people know about you? People may be surprised to learn that my name is actually Emma! When I joined Dellar Davies there was already an Emma in the team, so I volunteered … Read more
  • Meet us: Ashley
    We caught up with Ashley Colven, our Senior Event Manager, to get to know her a bit better… Tell us something not many people know about you? I was born in the USA before my parents moved back to the UK when I was a few months old. My family and I moved to live … Read more
  • Tracy Phillips promoted to Managing Director
    An exciting development today at Dellar Davies as we announce the promotion of Tracy Phillips to Managing Director, which will see her take on the day-to-day business of the company and our client projects from 1 June 2021. Our strategy has always been to encourage existing members of the team to develop and grow within … Read more
  • I’m ready for the new ‘Roaring Twenties’… are you?
    Today I’m celebrating my first 20 years with Dellar Davies and looking back at the many events we have delivered in that time (and there have been quite a few!), it has led me to think about my achievements and experiences along the way. I have learnt so much from Elaine and I will be … Read more
  • Welcome back Sally
    We’re delighted that our colleague, Sally Clayton, is returning from maternity leave today! Having departed at the start of the first lockdown, she will be returning to an Event Agency whose ways of working, range of services, internal skill sets and client list are very different to those she left behind. Nonetheless, I feel sure … Read more
  • Events: time to start blending
    It has been encouraging to see so many businesses opening up this week as we embark on Step 2 in our Roadmap out of Lockdown, and I am delighted that all those working in non-essential retail, personal care and hospitality in outdoor settings etc., are able to commence rebuilding their business. I genuinely hope it … Read more
  • Behind the scenes: online events
    My role as a Content Executive has adapted since we started producing online events in 2020. Alongside my usual job role, I have managed live and pre-recorded sessions in an online broadcast studio and learned to vision-mix (an exciting and daunting first for me!). I stepped in as a gameshow assistant for a client’s online … Read more
  • Reflecting on my time at Dellar Davies
    I wouldn’t usually write a post like this; however, a year on from my last live event has left me feeling reflective. With over 10 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, it felt only natural to start working for an event agency to expand my knowledge. I hit the ground running with my first ‘live’ … Read more
  • The joy of live events
    On this Monday a year ago the Dellar Davies event team were busy setting up and rehearsing for what was to become our last live event for 12 months…and counting! Little did we know then that we would soon be vacating our office to work from the safety of home, or embarking on a new … Read more
  • When life felt normal: the power of nostalgia
    During lockdown, nostalgia has permeated many aspects of our lives. COVID-19 derailed our sense of control so it is not surprising to learn that in this time of great uncertainty, there is comfort in familiar pastimes.  Many of us are revisiting our favourite television programmes, listening to old music playlists, trying forgotten hobbies and family … Read more
  • Virtual staff events provide an uplifting experience to boost morale
    We were delighted to end 2020 with the on-air delivery of two memorable staff events for two new clients. The first was the annual All Staff Event for the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. Themed ‘Staying Connected’, the full day event included keynote presentations, guest speakers, interactive panel discussions, staff networking, awards presentations and an … Read more
  • When life gives you lemons
    Life may have dealt us bitter lemons in 2020 but we still have the power to concoct something wonderfully sweet. Events have been cancelled worldwide and whilst it may be impossible to meet in person, there is no reason to cancel your event plans completely. There is another positive option: virtual events. Contrary to what … Read more
  • Why do we call events virtual when they are very real?
    Dellar Davies has just completed a three-day event that started with rehearsals in a London-based Studio last Friday morning and concluded with a live closing Q&A session yesterday evening. Nothing about the past week has been virtual – believe me, it was all very real! I’ve been very fortunate to run an online event filmed … Read more
  • Whatever happened to plan B?
    Organising events isn’t for the faint-hearted. For one thing, there are never enough hours in the day even if everything’s running smoothly. So when things go pear shaped, you’ve really got to pull out all the stops. Years ago, we organised a Convention for ABTA and its thousand delegates in Gran Canaria. We organise overseas … Read more
  • Ticking the pink boxes
    As an accountant I’m used to counting, logic and ticking boxes – it’s what we number crunchers do best!  So I was happy to volunteer for the task of making sure that the right people were given the right accolades at an awards ceremony run by Dellar Davies. The Travel Marketing Awards was a high … Read more
  • An earful of coconut
    Event recces can be fun, but they usually follow the same sort of pattern. You visit hotels, conference centres, restaurants, bars and golf courses to see if they’re suitable for your client’s event, ask a few questions then decide whether it’s worth taking any further or not. All nice and straight forward. But never take … Read more
  • 25 years young
    Dellar Davies is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It doesn’t seem so long ago, but when I started the business in February 1992 (Everything I Do) I Do It For You had already come and gone after a record 16 weeks at the top of the charts, the Premier League was still the old … Read more