Meet us: Helena

Favourite event destinations?
My favourite was Tokyo, where we delivered ABTA’s Travel Convention. It was unique, the food was incredible, and the people were so welcoming. Highlights included a party on the 39th floor of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel where we enjoyed breath-taking views across Tokyo; supper at the famous (Kill Bill) Gonpachi Restaurant and amazing entertainment, including Japanese drumming and lion dancing!

Seville in Spain is a close second and will also always a hold a special place for me as it was the first overseas event I delivered with Dellar Davies. Think flamenco dancers, sunshine, delicious tapas, beautiful architecture and vibrant colours. Some of my family live in Spain, my favourite cuisine is Spanish, and Sangria is my go-to drink so it’s not surprising that it felt like a home from home!

Favourite things to do after work?
You’ll often find me socialising with friends, trying a new restaurant, at a music gig, playing golf or reading a good book like a typical English graduate. I’m an artistic person so I paint, sketch and visit galleries in my free time and I love to go on city breaks with friends. I’ve visited 17 countries to date and have plans to visit many more! Creativity, language, travel and meeting new people are all elements of my role, so I get to pursue my interests every day!

What is a typical day at work like?
My job varies day by day. I could be planning communication and marketing content for our clients’ events; researching and helping to develop content ideas for conferences; inviting and briefing speakers; updating websites and social channels; writing brochures and show scripts; assisting with visual content; creating production running orders; managing sessions, vision-mixing during online events or producing a Conference at sea – no two days are the same!

What might people not know about you?
Dw i’n hanner Cymraes ac mae gen i deulu enfawr yn Ne Cymru, felly dysgais i dipyn o Gymraeg wrth dyfu i fyny. In English that means “I’m half Welsh and have a huge family in South Wales, so I learnt a bit of Welsh growing up.” I have two older brothers and I was once carried out of a burning building by a fireman. 👩‍🚒🔥

What advice would you give to those entering the events sector?
Embrace constant change, learn as much as possible and take every opportunity you can! My role and the events industry is constantly evolving, so you need to keep up with what’s going on and embrace new ways of working. My final tip would be to stay clear-headed and positive – there is no situation that can’t be solved with a smile!

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