When life gives you lemons

Life may have dealt us bitter lemons in 2020 but we still have the power to concoct something wonderfully sweet. Events have been cancelled worldwide and whilst it may be impossible to meet in person, there is no reason to cancel your event plans completely. There is another positive option: virtual events. Contrary to what people may believe, online events can be just as engaging, exciting and valuable. 

They have the power to boost team moral, connect people from all over the world, inspire, educate and lift spirits. There are so many options available, from creating live or pre-recorded content, incorporating games, music, interactive networking or virtual sponsor galleries, enabling live chat and discussion forums, and so much more. So my message to you is this: do not underestimate their value or fall into the trap of viewing virtual events as a lesser option. Done right, they can be incredibly refreshing and a powerful tool to create something very special.

We can all agree that 2020 has been a bumper harvest of citrus fruit but as we start a new year, we now we have the option to juice the lemons up, plant the seeds and throw the rinds back at life.