Top tips for remote speakers

At Dellar Davies, we have conducted numerous online events. Here are our top suggestions for remote speakers connecting with audiences online:

It may be a cliché, but smile – you are on camera!

Authenticity is best
Avoid using virtual backgrounds, which will create visual and sound interference.

Position yourself correctly
Place yourself in the centre of the screen frame with your head being close to the top, with a little room to spare. Also set up your webcam, so that it is level with your eyes – your computer may need raising.

Use good lighting
The best lighting will be if you are facing the light source, alternatively turn the lighting on in your room. For the best lighting, purchase a Video Conference Lighting Kit – a small LED ring light.

Improve your audio
Wearing a headset or discrete earphones will provide the best audio feed.

Turn off notifications
Turn off get notifications from apps and other senders and put your computer/mobile into Do Not Disturb mode.

Think about your clothing
Wear a bright colour to stand out against your background. Avoid highly patterned fabrics (distorts on camera), all black or all white (camera accentuates contrast).

Look at the camera
Try to look at the camera, rather than other people on the screen, including the interviewer, as this will give the impression to the viewer that you are looking elsewhere. If you wear glasses, check for reflection in the lenses and change position accordingly.

Improve your Wi-Fi
Use a wired Ethernet cable to connect to the internet, to mitigate the lag that is incurred with Wi-Fi connections. If Wi-Fi is your only option, try to be as close as possible to the router.

If you have notes or a script, keep the digital or printed document on a stand at eye height close to your camera. If this is not possible, keep the text in front of you below the camera.