Top tip: how to maximise your event branding

While your event brand should reflect your organisation’s brand, it can (and should) have a brand of its own! Event branding tells a story, increases awareness, and helps your audience to understand who you really are and why your event is important. However, it’s only through a well-planned and cohesive approach that you’ll experience the full effect.

Before you can create your brand elements, you need to brainstorm your event theme, purpose, personality, and key messaging. It is important that you ascertain who your target audience is by considering their demographics and interests. Once you have pinpointed these clear goals and how you want to engage with your audience, you can start to develop the key branding elements.

Here are some of the key branding elements to consider:

Design. We recommend developing a consistent design that captures your event ‘look’ and ‘feel’. This includes everything from colours and typography to the event logo and graphics. Consistency is key as attendees will associate the colours and visuals with your event, so stick to the design plan and be unique.

Copy. Is your event a convention, a conference, a seminar, a roadshow or something else? What tone of voice are you going to use? Does your event require formal or more informal language? It’s important that you are consistent with the copy you use across all mediums and that this reflects what you are trying to get across.

Event theme. What is your one-line elevator pitch for the theme of your event? Shorten it some more and you could have your ideal event theme.  

Event website, app, and portal. These can be used to bring all your brand elements together. Aside from eye-catching design and easy layout, pay attention to the content as your messaging is key.

Event marketing. Use your branding elements, including fonts, colours, and typography across all marketing materials for consistency.

Sonic signature. This adds another dimension to your event identity. A specially designed soundbite (jingle) can help to emphasise the event brand and can be very catchy too! Incorporate this when transitioning between sessions or breaks, in video promotions, on social media and more!

Onsite branding. Boldly display your event brand throughout the event venue to enhance your messaging.  

Social media. Ensure your social media materials have a specific design suitable for each platform that you are using for the event. Your social images should be instantly recognising as relating to your event.

Decor. The furniture and décor play a big role in creating an onsite experience and brings your event brand to life. Ask yourself, how do you want your guests to feel when they walk in the room? Should it be a casual or formal atmosphere? Do you want it to feel cosy, energetic, or corporate? Think about the moods associated with different colours and how you are going to reflect your event brand.

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