Online events provide the opportunity to increase your event ROI, as well as that of your partners, sponsors and exhibitors. For example…

Larger audiences

If your in-person event is usually attended by 500 people, why limit your ambitions to 500 online? Your event is now accessible to anyone you wish to target or invite, wherever they may be in the world. It’s time to think big!

Data galore

The wealth of data analytics available from online events is one of the best reasons to stage online events. Both during and after the event you’ll be able to track which sessions attracted the most attendees, whether the sessions were viewed at the scheduled time or on-demand, how many people visited each stand, how many people connected in the meeting hub and much more.

Be led by the data

Remember to use the data from previous events when planning for the next one. You can even use the data during the online event to make instant decisions to help your participants to get the best out of your event.

We always keep an eye on who’s online and where they are in the portal, so we can send an alert if they aren’t where you need them to be!