Online events

In 2020, our live event business expanded into the virtual world.

Using our existing software, together with new development capabilities, we run online events using an intuitive and fully branded virtual event portal in a 2D or 3D format.

Our knowledge of events allows us to apply our understanding of client and audience needs to successfully deliver events online – not just through reliable technology, but by connecting audiences in a memorable, enjoyable and productive way.   

We’ve delivered online events from an extended reality (XR) studio, LED broadcast studio and online broadcast studios using webcam.

We have live-streamed interactive conferences, pre-recorded business sessions and mixed these options together.

We’ve brought people together for pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings and in larger groups for informal socialising; connected stand holders with attendees; run interactive and entertaining social events, and much more besides.

Online events are here to stay. Some will stand alone, others will be blended with live events. Whatever the format, we have the experience to guide you on the many ways to connect with your audience online, whatever your ambitions. View some of our tips here.

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