The little things

Taking time to think about the little things will pay off. Here are a few to get you started…

Time zones

Allow attendees to set their personal time zone, so that the programme content is shown in their local time zone.


Encourage attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to use the filtered search capabilities on your virtual event portal. They will thank you for making it so much easier for them to find and make connections during your event.


Why wait until after your event to survey the attendees on what worked well for them, and what didn’t appeal – especially when the majority won’t get around to completing the survey. Instead, try including an automated feedback form at the end of each session or activity to gather their feedback in real time.

Event boxes

At an in-person event, delegates can easily be spotted through their event badges and for the folders and goodie bags they are clutching, which each provide great branding opportunities for your business or for your sponsors.

This doesn’t need to stop for an online event. Why not send an event box containing items that will both excite and unite your attendees and delight your sponsors. Ask us for ideas…

Re-run clips

You can remind attendees of any great quotes, memorable messages or funny comments from previous online events, by re-running these clips in your on-demand gallery at subsequent events.