I’m ready for the new ‘Roaring Twenties’… are you?

Today I’m celebrating my first 20 years with Dellar Davies and looking back at the many events we have delivered in that time (and there have been quite a few!), it has led me to think about my achievements and experiences along the way.

I have learnt so much from Elaine and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities she has given me at Dellar Davies. I have been incredibly lucky to work with colleagues who have become friends and we have worked with some amazing clients and destinations, where I’ve made many more friends over the years.

But do you know what else I have realised? Sometimes things go wrong in the events world – yes that’s right, I’ll admit it! Even after months of preparation, there is still a chance that something unexpected will happen and let’s face it life would be boring without the unexpected. The unforeseen has included power cuts; lost freight; lightning storms; double booked venues; flight delays; messages lost in translation; goods stuck in customs; more smashed trays of champagne than I can remember and shock, horror – the time the coffee break almost had no coffee! But it is how you deal with these moments that become your victories and I recall them now with a smile on my face, rather than a sinking feeling!

I have learnt that regardless of whether the event is running smoothly or there are a few hiccups along the way, it is important to keep smiling and to stay calm. There is no point falling out with those around you as they are a part of the solution too, whether they are the venues, suppliers, caterers or DMCs, it is important to work out how you can fix it together. It may take some quick out-of-the-box thinking but an idea will emerge. After all, it is far more empowering to be a part of the solution rather than arguing over who is to blame.

Whilst the key messages of a business event play an essential role in its success, it is also just as important to remember that people want to have fun. They enjoy unique experiences, and it is these experiential moments that make events memorable. I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing venues around the world from private beaches, pools, gardens and deserts, to opera houses, museums, castles, theme parks and even a Formula 1 circuit. Our event attendees have met celebrities, ridden rollercoasters in Orlando, enjoyed treasure hunts in Barcelona, watched synchronised swimmers (in the sea) in Tenerife and danced with Transformers in London – the list is endless. I’m looking forward to getting back to delivering equally unique experiences when the live event industry emerges – I’m so ready for that!

However, I’m also ready to juggle these amazing experiences with continuing to run online and blended events. We have fully embraced virtual events over the last year and appreciate the many great benefits they bring. So, here’s to the new ‘Roaring Twenties’ – a time for new trends to emerge, new events to blossom and new traditions to be made. But unlike the original ‘Roaring Twenties’ there will be no flapping…I’ll keep the glitter though!

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