Event apps: an event must-have

Here are seven reasons why Event Apps are a must-have for your next event…

They provide an easy way of connecting your audience.
Apps can be used for online, in-person and blended events so you can connect both your online and on-site audiences.

Benefit the environment.
Digital check-in, badges and downloadable resources enables you to create a paperless event, which not only helps the environment but can be beneficial to your budget too.

Create a safe environment.
Digital event registration and check-in reduces the number of on-site touchpoints and interactions and enables you to monitor attendee movement.

Increase engagement levels.
On an event app, attendees can participate in live Q&A’s and polls, use gamification features, give feedback, send private messages through a built-in chat feature, share pictures and videos, and more!

Provide a personalised experience.
Attendees can customize their event agenda, receive important notifications, access news stories and resources, take notes, get notified when a session is about to start, and watch content on-demand at their leisure.

Increase sponsor revenue.
Having an app sponsor can increase sponsor revenue and as an event app can be used before, during and after the event, it provides a longer period of time for sponsors to reach their target audience and get their message across.

Enable real time analytics.
Apps help you to capture engagement levels effectively. You can quantify sponsor visibility, attendance, downloads, popularity and much more to help you make data-driven decisions.

If you’re looking to create a unique event app, get in touch!