VirtYULE Christmas Party

In December 2020, we heard that the dnata Travel Group was planning an online Christmas Party for its staff in the UK and around the world, and offered our virtual event skills to make sure it ran smoothly.

Over 300 staff tuned in for the VirtYULE Christmas Party hosted on our portal which included a welcome from the CEO, an online emcee, three sets performed by an in-house band, a magician, comedian, and several wonderful prizes selected through a Spin the Wheel game which landed, at random, on the names of the winning attendees.

All of the live sessions were managed through an online broadcast studio using branded overlays.

Staff were able to network with each other throughout the evening by joining random video groups, or by hooking up 1:1 with their colleagues at the VirtYULE Bar.

A great time was had by all, but don’t just take our word for it…

I’m dancing in my chair…
Loving it…
Loving the way the chat rooms are done…
Don’t want it to finish…
So honoured to be at the Christmas Party tonight.

Staff attendees.
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