CLIA Europe

In normal times we support CLIA Europe with registration and appointment-led event services, but the past year has been nothing like normal!

No longer able to deliver their regular programme of events to their Members and Partners in-person, we offered a solution that brought together a broadcast studio in London (with LED backdrop) with our customised virtual event portal, to live-stream their first online Port & Destination Summit in September 2020.

The production became more complex than originally envisaged when the association’s producer, based in France, was unable to travel to London for the show days due to the UK’s quarantine arrangements at the time, however remote crew comms and a TX feed quickly resolved this challenge.

The event was a huge success and has since been followed by a live-streamed global event, CLIA Cruise Forward, and more recently a Virtual Exchange, which was an appointment-only event.

This experience has proven to us and to CLIA Europe that online events offer the opportunity to connect with larger audiences, which has delivered new benefits to the Association and its Partners, and will be maximised when CLIA introduces hybrid events into its event portfolio in Autumn 2021.

Thank you for a fantastic first day! Wow…the power of (virtual) events to touch, move and inspire… Thank you both and your team for making us look really good in front of our community.

Andrew Walker, Senior Director Membership and Events, CLIA Europe
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