Blended events

In recent times, people are choosing how they wish to attend business events, deciding which events require their physical attendance and those they would prefer to attend online. 

Economic considerations and the increasing focus on environmental impacts is driving event organisers and their audiences to think in different ways.

Put simply, event attendees and sponsors want choice and blended events offer a great solution.

A blended event has two segments: one online and the other in-person.

Both audiences will receive a full event experience, enjoying elements of the programme at the same time, whilst doing different things at others.

A truly blended event will also bring both audiences together to create a single event community.

Whatever your event format, a blended event needs to deliver a seamless overall experience with the same objectives and brand values as your live event, and with the same level of priority for all attendees.

It’s a complex puzzle, but we have the expertise to bring it all together.

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