World Health Day

As today marks World Health Day, the Dellar Davies team share the ways they like to keep healthy…

Sara: Ariel classes (hoop, pole, and trapeze) keep me fit and sane because life is better upside down! I also do gym classes 3-4 times a week, mixing it up between HIIT and Body Pump. Oh, and regular massages! 😊 Also a Berocca a day keeps the doctor away!   

Natalie: For me it’s yoga, running, meditation, hula-hooping, reading, walking my dog Teddy, and going on trips with friends!

Helena: I start every morning by eating a big bowl of fruit, doing yoga stretches, and getting fresh air whenever I can. Recently I’ve been trying paddleboarding and I do HIIT classes (outside when the sun is shining!) and I dog walk for a couple of friends which I find very therapeutic!

Ashley: I try to commit to going to the gym three times a week, walking my children to and from school/nursery daily, and only consuming chocolate on days ending in y!

Elaine: Firstly, I need a daily (and healthy) dose of good quality dark chocolate! My daily dog walks with Harry and Rosie guarantee some exercise, come rain or shine. And once the temperature hits 15 degrees, the fair-weather gardener in me comes out. Gardening is great for exercise and it’s impossible to worry about anything else while lost in the moment.

Michelle: Does the school run count as exercise and running after a 1-year-old? My brain is in preparation mode for doing Zumba at home, but it’s been a long prep period and there is no end date!

Tracy: Chocolate, coffee, ketchup, and Netflix! The best advice I could give you all. 😊

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