When Life Felt Normal: The Power of Nostalgia - 11/02/2021

During lockdown, nostalgia has permeated many aspects of our lives. COVID-19 derailed our sense of control so it is not surprising to learn that in this time of great uncertainty, there is comfort in familiar pastimes. 

Many of us are revisiting our favourite television programmes, listening to old music playlists, trying forgotten hobbies and family recipes, and reconnecting with old friends. Marketers are tapping into these feelings of nostalgia, apps are sharing annual ‘on this day’ memories and even social media influencers post ‘Throwback Thursday’ photos of simpler times. 

At Dellar Davies, we look back fondly on the pre-COVID-19 days when we could host large-scale conferences and parties in some of the most spectacular cities in the world. We recall organising glitzy award ceremonies, exquisite dinners and networking events at iconic locations such as the House of Commons and the Savoy. From partying in Diocletian’s Palace in sunny Split to witnessing traditional Japanese drumming in Tokyo and salsa dancing in Seville– we have endless memoires. 

However, rather than reliving this idyllic past, we adapted and innovated to tackle COVID-19 head on. As social distancing measures ramped up, we quickly moved forward to offer OnAir event services to our clients – a first for us – and we are preparing now to deliver hybrid events once a live audience is permitted again. Whilst we are proud of our progression, we have never forgotten our past. After all, it is these memories that fuelled us to push on through the challenges brought about by the coronavirus. 

Psychological studies show that feeling moderately nostalgic; particularly in times of crisis can be a positive influence. The longing we feel for a world pre-COVID-19 may seem unproductive, but looking back can help us to make sense of where we are now and where we will transition to next. 

Reports show that as long as we do not overindulge and stay trapped in the past, then nostalgia can be a stabilising force. It can reunite us with our roots, increase feelings of social connectedness, and evoke optimism. In the words of psychologist Clay Routledge: “Nostalgia mobilises us for the future. It increases our desire to pursue important life goals and our confidence that we can accomplish them.”

So next time you start to feel a little nostalgic, don’t feel guilty – it may just be the positive inspiration you need to thrive. 

Rethink Travel - 29/01/2021

We recently delivered a second ITT Virtual Conference Forum for the Institute of Travel & Tourism, following the success of their first on-air event last September. 

Continuing the ‘Rethink Travel’ theme, the Forum featured a session from Former Transport Secretary, Lord Andrew Adonis, on the future of transport systems and capacity requirements post COVID-19;  a talk about the vaccination drive and what this means for Travel from Tim Hames (Senior Consultant to FTI and Former Special Adviser to the Speaker at the House of Commons); and an update on the Coronavirus and the outlook for Travel from Professor Calum Semple (a Member of SAGE and a Professor of Child Health and Outbreak Medicine).

Other highlights included an industry panel debate about the long-term ramifications of COVID-19 and speakers covering a range of topics from the role of technology in creating a Safe Travel Ecosystem, to the latest consumer Travel research, rebuilding traveller trust and the FEX marketplace. 

​When Life Gives you Lemons - 01/01/2021

Life may have dealt us bitter lemons in 2020 but we still have the power to concoct something wonderfully sweet. All sorts of events have been cancelled worldwide and whilst it may be impossible to meet in person, there is no reason to cancel your event plans completely. There is another positive option: on-air events. Contrary to what people may believe, online events can be just as engaging, exciting and valuable. 

They have the power to boost team moral, connect people from all over the world, inspire, educate and lift spirits. There are so many options available, from creating live or pre-recorded content, incorporating games, music, interactive networking or virtual sponsor galleries, enabling live chat and discussion forums, and so much more. So our message to you is this: do not underestimate their value or fall into the trap of viewing virtual events as a lesser option. Done right, they can be incredibly refreshing and a powerful tool to create something very special. We can all agree that 2020 has been a bumper harvest of citrus fruit but as we start a new year, we now we have the option to juice the lemons up, plant the seeds and throw the rinds back at life. 

Ending 2020 on a High - 18/12/2020

We were delighted to end 2020 with the on-air delivery of a Christmas party for new client, dnata Travel Group.

Over 300 of their staff attended from across the Middle East, Europe, the UK and beyond. The virtual event included a live MC, music from a band who performed their sets from dnata’s office, virtual networking, speeches, magic, comedy and games, including a spin-the-wheel prize draw.

The positive feedback has yet again been exceptional. From “I don’t want this event to finish” to “crikey, that was awesome”, “10/10”, “I’m dancing in my chair, “what an uplifting experience” to “I’m so honoured to be here”. It was very inspiring to read the positive messages posted throughout the event. Here’s looking forward to creating more successful on-air events in 2021!

Staff Event for the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman - 17/12/2020

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of delivering a virtual Staff Event for the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO). Over 400 staff were invited to log onto our event portal to hear speeches from PHSO’s senior executives, celebrate their staff awards, interact with each other and participate in a fun end of year Quiz. The attendees commented on how valuable they found the experience to connect, with some going as far as to say it was “the best day all year”, “more personal” and “even better than when we had events in person”.  

Kept on Our Toes - 11/12/2020

This week we organised a Virtual Cruise Showcase for the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). Over 300 people attended the on-air two-day event to stream live webcam sessions, access training product presentations, and participate in interactive networking. From the programming of the event portal, to vision-mixing and managing the live sessions, we had many tasks to keep us on our toes but we are delighted that it was a success. 

ITT’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas - 04/12/2020

The Dellar Davies elves were busy this week delivering a Christmas networking event for the Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT). Attendees were transported to a virtual ski lodge, where they watched live and on-demand speeches from ITT’s Chairman, participated in a Christmas trivia quiz and prize giveaway, enjoyed Christmas carols and poems as well as group video chats and private networking. It provided a great opportunity to celebrate the Christmas merriment and the end of a difficult year for the sector. 

Cruise Forward: Reaching Far and Wide - 20/11/2020

Over 700 attendees from circa 50 countries joined CLIA’s Cruise Forward Virtual Summit this week. The first two days of the event were professionally live-streamed from a broadcast studio in London via our virtual event portal, with the third day comprising breakout sessions filmed within an online broadcast studio. The summit explored critical topics affecting the cruise community including the gradual resumption of cruise operations and the outlook for cruising in 2021. 

Cruising to Success - 29/10/2020

We delivered an on-air event today for our client CLIA. The half-day event brought together 190 people within the cruise community including CLIA member cruise lines, partners and travel agents to share updates and showcase cruise ships. Highlights included webcam sessions, a sponsor gallery, interactive host messages and virtual networking.

Taking to the River - 24/09/2020

This week we delivered CLIA’s Virtual River Cruise Showcase to over 360 online attendees. The on-air event comprised compelling interviews with River Cruise experts, training tips, virtual ship tours and fantastic networking sessions.

In a Change with Convention - 15/10/2020

ABTA’s 68th annual Travel Convention was delivered differently yesterday as our on-air event, which was filmed in an impressive extended reality (XR) Studio in London, replaced the association’s three day Convention previously due to take place in Morocco.  

Over 500 delegates logged into the event portal to hear from industry experts about ‘Rebuilding Confidence in Travel’. Moderated by ITV’s Royal Editor Chris Ship, the Convention featured keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, interviews, an interactive press briefing, and various networking opportunities. 

The customised virtual TV studio unlocked new creative opportunities for our production team and led to feedback from delegates that it felt like they were at the real event! Although it was disappointing not to be in exquisite Marrakesh, the on-air event was a huge success. Many positive comments came flooding in about the “slick production” and “amazing tech” with some saying that it was the best virtual event they had ever attended.

A Chatty Bunch: ITT Virtual Conference - 01/10/2020

Dellar Davies organised a Virtual Conference for the Institute of Travel & Tourism yesterday. Nearly 400 attendees joined the on-air event to hear from leading experts about how the industry can develop and ‘Rethink Travel’. 

Through a mix of pre-recorded and live sessions, speakers discussed the ways the travel and tourism industry could move between the active and recovery phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, from workplace wellbeing and consumer research to the role of technology, and more.  

Throughout the day, ITT Members were encouraged to engage with the event by using the live Q&A and discussion forums located within the portal. It was brilliant to see high levels of engagement and proved to be as a useful tool for our client to see comments both during and after the event. 

​Back to Business - 17/09/2020

It was wonderful to see familiar faces working in the office this week as we delivered CLIA’s Port and Destination Summit – our first event in six months. This was also our first time delivering a live-streamed on-air event, so it was a particularly exciting (and nerve-wracking) few days for us. 

Over 300 delegates tuned into a secure virtual event portal to watch the live sessions which were streamed from a broadcast studio in London, take part in polls, interact with the gamification goals and chat forums. The event agenda also included a ‘virtual happy hour’ on each day to enable attendees to socialise via video.  

It proved to be a great success but don’t just take our word for it – here are just some of the comments we received:

  • “This was a great virtual conference and the best I have attended so far in terms of content, execution, amazing use of technology and participant interaction.”  - Attendee 
  • “Wow...the power of virtual events to touch, move and inspire!”  - Client
  • “I loved working with you all because of your kindness, problem-solving attitude and great on-site show delivery. You always kept calm, kind and focused and ensured excellent delivery.” - Content Producer 

​An Update from Us - 20/08/2020

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the events industry to a grounding halt and many of our staff have been furloughed. We are all itching to get back to producing events again but are using the free time we have wisely. Over the past few months, we have been educating ourselves on virtual events, taking part in extensive training programmes, and developing our skill sets. We can’t wait to resume work again and are looking forward to commencing this new chapter in our event lives with our clients when we get back to business in September.

​A Resilient Industry: The Travel Marketing Awards - 09/03/2020

In early March, we collaborated with the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Travel Group to stage their 12th annual Travel Marketing Awards at the London Hilton on Park Lane. Unbeknown to us, this would be our final ‘live’ (or as we prefer to call it ‘in-person event’) of 2020 before COVID-19 took its hold of the world and the UK government announced a countrywide lockdown.   

The Awards night shone a light on the exceptional achievements made within travel marketing across a range of disciplines including Advertising, Brand, Digital, Marketing, and PR. There were some special categories added for 2020 including Travel Brand of the Decade, won by easyJet and Destination Brand of the Decade, awarded to Tourism Northern Ireland.  

As well as an awards ceremony, guests enjoyed high-end networking, a drinks reception, three-course meal, live music from a DJ (yes a real DJ!) and entertainment from host and award-winning comedian, Russell Kane. Originally from a marketing background, Russell was warmly welcomed by the travel marketing professionals in attendance. He kept the audience engaged throughout the 37 award presentations with his quick wit and refreshing sense of humour – no mean feat!

The evening also featured talks from Richard Carrick, President of CIM Travel Group, and Keith Cartwright, Chair of CIM Travel Group, who both acknowledged the challenges that the industry had been facing in 2019. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, they saluted the industry’s latest demonstration of pulling together during unprecedented times. Whilst at the cusp of an incredibly testing time for travel, it was good to see the industry come together to show solidarity and to recognise hard work.

It was slightly different to previous Travel Marketing Awards with award winners touching elbows instead of shaking hands and embracing in hugs. In early March, we were still quite unaware of what was coming our way. Nevertheless, as we look back now, we realise that we were very lucky to deliver our last event with such a bang! 

​Top Trends and Travel Insights - 28/01/2020

We enjoyed organising another Question Time event for the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Travel Group last night. Attended by in-house and agency travel marketing professionals, the event provided an opportunity to learn more about opportunities and developments in travel marketing. The evening commenced with a drinks reception before Pippa Jacks, TTG Media’s Group Editor, moderated two panel discussions. Panellists included industry experts, Travel Marketing Awards Judges, and a number of winners from the 2019 Travel Marketing Awards. 

The first panel addressed the 2019 Turn of Year Peaks campaigns. Pippa was joined by Steve Dunne, CEO of Digital Drums; Rachel O’Reilly, Head of Communications at Der Touristik UK; Tony Roberts, Vice President of Princess Cruises UK and Europe; and Colin Stewart, Country Director UK and Europe for Air Europa and Chair of LATA. They discussed what makes a great Peaks campaign and debated whether TV is still an effective way to reach audiences. 

The second panel included James Brooke, Managing Director of Rooster PR; Simon Lloyd, Chief Marketing Officer of Icelolly.com; Kelly Cookes, Leisure Director of Advantage Travel Group and Jon Bezalel, Digital Strategist at Accord Marketing. They debated the issues and developments we can expect to see come to the fore in 2020 and beyond for travel marketers. From the digital trends and social platforms to look for, to how the relationship between brands and influencers is changing, the debate provided the audience with substantial food for thought!

ITT’s a Cracker of a Christmas - 12/12/2019

Dellar Davies enjoyed organising ITT’s lively Christmas Party this week in the enchanting Ski Lodge at the Montague on the Gardens. Decorated with twinkling lights, pine trees and artificial snow, this alpine wonderland provided the perfect setting for ITT Members to enjoy mulled wine, canapés and scrumptious nibbles. It was a great party and we look forward to arranging more events for ITT in the New Year. 

New App Launched - 25/11/2019

The Dellar Davies team has designed and launched a new app for ITT and its Members. The exclusive ITT Members app has many exciting features such as the ability to book tickets for ITT’s events, connect with ITT Members, renew memberships and find exclusive ITT deals and discounts. It provides an efficient and interactive membership experience and is a great way to increase engagement levels. 

An Evening of Glitz and Glamour - 31/10/2019

Dellar Davies’ production and event teams organised and staged a memorable ITT President’s Dinner at the exclusive Savoy Hotel. Guests enjoyed first-class networking, a glitzy drinks reception, three-course meal and entertainment from award-winning comedian Dominic Holland. The glamourous evening also included the presentation of the esteemed Odyssey Award, a charity raffle, the announcement that the 2020 ITT Conference will take place in Istanbul, and an after-party that featured live music from captivating duo, Steve Carroll and Megan Luna Rhodes. It was a sell-out event and proved to be a wonderful night in a spectacular venue. 

Exploring a Brave New World in Tokyo - 16/10/19

The Dellar Davies team has just returned from Tokyo after organising and staging another successful Travel Convention for ABTA. Over 5,700 miles from the UK, Japan’s bustling metropolis proved to be the perfect location for this year’s event and provided a unique opportunity for delegates to explore a new culture, setting and way of thinking. 

With the business sessions based around the theme Brave New World, delegates heard from leading figures in Travel as well as external guest speakers as they shared their thoughts on adopting new approaches and daring to be brave in business. The sessions focused on key trends affecting the travel industry, including environmental concerns, geopolitical and social transformations, emerging innovations and changing consumer behaviours as well as recent events that have affected the sector, such as the sad demise of Thomas Cook. 

The three-day event took place at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, which offered great facilities, accommodation and fantastic views across Tokyo. The agenda also provided the chance to explore this ultimate multicity through social events and fundraising activities. Highlights included the Convention Supper Club at the Gonpachi Restaurant in Roppongi Hills – a bustling Japanese eatery, which is world-famous for being the restaurant in which Quentin Tarantino modelled one of his famous “Kill Bill” fight scenes, as well as a charity cycling tour of Tokyo. Delegates also enjoyed traditional Japanese entertainment at the Opening Ceremony, Welcome and Farewell Parties, including a Sake Barrel Ceremony “Kagami Biraki”, Japanese drumming, lion dancing, and a very special performance from award-winning dance group SIRO-A. 

As this was the first time that the Convention has been held in Asia, this year’s event offered a unique and memorable experience. It was a great success and we’re looking forward to next year’s Convention, which was revealed at the close of this year’s event to be in Morocco’s ochre city – Marrakesh! 

#TAG: Networking Galore at the Groucho - 23/09/19

The Dellar Davies team enjoyed organising ITT’s final Odyssey Supper of 2019 at the chic Groucho Club in Soho. The sell-out event provided a unique opportunity for senior travel and tourism professionals to network and discuss the key events of 2019.

ITT Members enjoyed a welcome drinks reception, sumptuous three-course meal and a fascinating after-dinner speech from Steve Barrass, the Chief Executive Officer of TAG (formerly known as The Appointment Group). Steve spoke about his experience working at companies such as dnata Travel, Avis and Airtours; as well as some of the key lessons learned from working for different strategic leaders over the years; and the remarkable steps that TAG is taking to build a future-proofed and sustainable business in these uncertain times.

A Summer Soiree by The Thames - 23/07/19

Our client, The Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT), tasked us with organising a summer party and Student Awards Ceremony for 200 of their Members and guests. 

Where better to connect people than at the House of Commons’ Terrace Pavilion? This amazing London venue provided a fantastic blend of indoor and outdoor space, breath-taking views across the summer skyline and a memorable experience for ITT’s Members. 

Guests were welcomed with free-flowing drinks and delicious canapés, before the industry’s up-and-coming talent was crowned during a prestigious Awards Ceremony. 

Success in Sizzling Split - 19/06/19

Four hundred delegates headed to the sunny and picturesque Croatian town of Split last week for ITT’s Conference. With 30+ degree heat, idyllic sea views, its own private beach, infinity pool, Spa and numerous luxury facilities, the 5* Le Méredien Lav Resort proved to be a fantastic venue to host the Conference.

The 19 conference sessions focused on ‘The Opportunities of Change’, as speakers encouraged delegates to be more responsive to change and explore new business initiatives. Some of the industry’s most recognisable figures shared their insights, with delegates hearing from British Airways, easyJet, VisitBritain, TUI Destination Experiences, and many more.

Mooly Eden, the Former Senior Vice President at the Intel Corporation, challenged delegates to embrace the exponential growth of technology, and senior figures from A-ROSA River Cruises, CLIA, and MSC Cruises shared how the cruise market is changing the perception of cruising through digital campaigns, technology and ship launches.

Other highlights included a talk from travel-outsider and Judge, Professor Jo Delahunty QC, who shared how taking the time to listen and understand your customers is a more effective way to communicate than diving in with a sales pitch. Peter Moore, the CEO of Liverpool FC, also captivated delegates as he addressed how the leading football club has increased its fan base at a global and local level and the extensive work they do to support the local community.

Students at Leeds Beckett University joined ITT Board Members Claire Steiner, Danny Waine and ITT Members, Louie Davis and Lee Ainsworth, as they delivered a thought-provoking panel debate about the lack of tourism businesses offering career opportunities and experience to young budding talent.

Closing guest speaker, Amar Latif, an entrepreneur and blind traveller, remains a highlight of the event. From trekking across rainforests and deserts in Central America, to setting up Traveleyes, a company that provides independent group travel for blind and partially sighted people, Amar has broken down stereotypes and refused to let his eye condition limit him. His inspiring speech encouraged delegates to push limits, embrace change, and appreciate the world through all the senses as he brought the audience to their feet in a much-deserved standing ovation.

The event was a great success and we look forward to organising the next!

Supper in Soho - 08/05/19

Last night, Dellar Davies organised ITT’s Odyssey Supper at the Groucho Club in bohemian Soho. A sell-out event, it proved to be very successful with ITT Members and their guests as they enjoyed a drinks reception, three-course meal and after-dinner speech from Travel Counsellors’ CEO, Steve Bryne. Sharing anecdotes from his distinguished career, Steve delivered an empowering speech on the secrets to being entrepreneurial. His message was profoundly heartfelt as he focused on the important role employees can play in a company’s success.

ITT's a sell-out - 22/03/19

Last night, Dellar Davies organised another sell-out Odyssey Supper for ITT Members at the iconic Groucho Club in bohemian Soho. The informal evening included welcome drinks, a three-course dinner and an intriguing speech from Jeremy Griffin, the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Newmarket Holidays. Jeremy gave a fascinating insight into his 36 year career at Newmarket Holidays and talked in depth about the company’s journey to success.  

11th Travel Marketing Awards - 15/03/19

Dellar Davies worked with the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Travel Group to stage their 11th annual Travel Marketing Awards. The esteemed Awards Ceremony, which took place at the London Hilton on Park Lane, celebrated the brilliant achievements made by travel marketing experts across a range of disciplines from marketing and advertising to digital and PR.

Two new categories were added to the 2019 mix; ‘Docusoap’ and ‘Brand Relaunch’, and nine new judges joined the line-up. The standard was very high this year, with 15 entries receiving a prestigious Gold Standard.

Guests enjoyed a drinks reception, three-course meal and entertainment courtesy of the evening’s host Pete Firman, an award-winning magician and comedian. Pete captivated the audience with his warm-up magic tricks and kept everyone’s attention throughout the presentation of 37 awards – no mean feat!

Following the Awards Ceremony, there was an energetic After-Party with a live DJ and dazzling screen media until the early hours. It proved to be a fantastic event, brimming with talent, glamour, shrieks of delight and laughter. We look forward to staging the next one!

ITT’s Another Successful Odyssey Supper – 07/02/19

Last night Dellar Davies organised ITT’s Odyssey Supper at the iconic Conrad London St James Hotel in Westminster. Guests networked over reception drinks and a delicious three-course meal before Travcorp Holdings’ Executive Chairman Andrew Botterill gave an intriguing after-dinner speech. Andrew’s talk remains to be a highlight of the evening as he shared with Members some of high and low points of his career, from working abroad in the 1980s to presiding over future strategies in a post Brexit UK travel industry.

Celebrity Cruises’ High Flyers - 18/01/19

Yesterday, Dellar Davies staged Celebrity Cruises’ fifth annual Travel Agent Appreciation Awards at The East Wintergarden, a stylish 27m-high domed glass venue located in the heart of Canary Wharf.

The event began with a networking drinks reception and lively background music from singers Akoustik Duo whilst an acrobatic dancer entertained guests with a range of stunning routines and hoop contortions. This was followed by a breath-taking Atmospheric Trapeze act during lunch.

The 13 awards, which celebrate the successes of Celebrity Cruises' top performing agents were presented by and Claire Stirrup, Sales Director, UK & Ireland, Celebrity Cruises, Jo Rzymowska, Vice-President and Managing Director for UK & Ireland and Asia,  and Gavin Smith, Senior Vice-President, International. To display the fantastic entertainment offered on board the new Celebrity Edge, dancers, a singer and aerialist from the Ship’s Jewellery Box show were flown in to perform especially for the occasion.

This is the third year that Dellar Davies has been responsible for the technical production of the event together with the venue décor and branding. Yet again, it proved to be another successful event and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Celebrity Cruise as they sail into the future.

First Odyssey Supper of 2019 - 11/01/19

Last night Dellar Davies organised ITT’s first Odyssey Supper of 2019. Held at The Groucho Club, a quirky venue in Bohemian Soho, the informal evening included welcome drinks, a three-course dinner and an intriguing speech on the future of travel technology from Liz Emmott, General Manager UK, Amadeus. She provided delegates with an insight into the new products and innovations that Amadeus are introducing to benefit their customers.

It was a fantastic evening and we look forward to ITT’s next Odyssey Supper on 6 February, which will see speaker Andrew Botterill, Executive Chairman, Travcorp Holdings Ltd (holidaygems and Destination2), share his experiences on the optimum strategy for driving business profitability.

​Tis the ‘ski-son’ for a Christmas Party - 14/12/18

This December, Dellar Davies organised ITT’s annual Christmas Party. The event took place in the magical Ski Lodge at The Montague on the Gardens, a converted Georgian townhouse located in Bloomsbury. Filled with pine trees, snowflakes and lit with decorative fairy lights, the alpine Ski Lodge proved to be a beautiful setting as guests enjoyed mulled wine, cocktails and canapés and raised a glass to the New Year ahead. 

OpportunITTies of Change - 29/11/18

Dellar Davies has been busy launching ITT’s Conference, which will take place from the 10-12 June 2019 in Split, Croatia. The Conference will be hosted at the five star Le Merdien Lav resort, a luxury hotel that boasts picturesque views of the Dalmatian Coast, the city and its neighbouring islands. 400 delegates are expected to attend as the Conference attracts ITT Members spanning the full spectrum of the travel and tourism industry.

Set in beautiful Split, the three-day event will include a range of conference sessions, social activities and networking opportunities. Conference sessions for the 2019 ITT Conference will be developed around the theme: The Opportunities of Change and will feature talks from some of the travel industry’s most recognisable figures as well as external guest speakers. The sessions will explore how the current unpredictable political, economic and social climate could open up new opportunities for the travel sector as speakers address issues such as BREXIT and changing digital platforms. With three keynote speakers already announced, it is already set to be a fantastic line-up.

The Travel Marketing Awards 2019 Launch - 31/10/18

For the 11th year running, Dellar Davies is working with CIM Travel Group to organise the 2019 Travel Marketing Awards. The awards commend companies, teams and individuals that are transforming the landscape and possibilities of travel marketing to stand out from the crowd.

To celebrate its 11th year, the awards will feature two new award categories for 2019, ‘Docusoap’ and ‘Brand Relaunch’. ‘Docusoap’ recognises the best travel documentary, which follows a travel or tourism organisation on their day-to day activities. 'Brand Relaunch' aims to identify and celebrate a travel brand that has undergone a successful makeover in 2018.

In total, there are 40 awards available to enter, with the winners announced at a ceremony on 11 March 2019 in the Grand Ballroom of the London Hilton on Park Lane. It is set to be a great event and entries are already flooding in!

ITT @ The Dorchester - 19/10/18

Last night, Dellar Davies organised ITT @ The Dorchester, the Institute of Travel and Tourism’s annual get-together.

Guests were treated to a welcome reception, three-course meal and fantastic entertainment courtesy of magician and mentalist Ramana and musician Billy Watman. 17 year-old guitarist Billy Watman’s rendition of old classics such as Rasputin and Tears from Heaven remains to be a highlight of the night as he led guests in a lively sing-a-long with his Bohemian Rhapsody finale bringing the entire audience to their feet with a much deserved standing ovation. Dellar Davies advice; keep an eye on Billy Watman!

ITT’s Chairman Steven Freudmann revealed that ITT’s 2019 Conference will be taking place at Le Meridien, Lav in Split, Croatia. The event also included the prestigious Odyssey Award which was presented to Chris Mottershead, Chief of Product and Operations at Thomas Cook.

It proved to be another successful event, filled with great company, entertainment and laughter.

Truth,Trust and the Future of the Expert - 13/10/18

With Truth, Trust and the Future of the Expert as its theme, ABTA’s Travel Convention provided Members with a broad spectrum of tips and insights designed to help them shape the travel industry of tomorrow, rather than be shaped by it. The Convention focused on the big drivers of confidence and trust in the industry such as building confidence for customers to continue to travel, confidence for destinations to invest and how to maintain that confidence in a period of unparalleled political and economic uncertainty.

Some of the industry’s most recognisable players took to the stage, with delegates hearing from Der Touristik, dnata, SagaTravel, RCL Cruises and many more. We heard from many specialists within travel such as easyJet’s CEO Johan Lundgren who revealed plans to grow easyJet Holidays and to make these holidays available through travel agents.

External guest speakers talked about Truth and Trust and shared their thoughts on the behavioural and technological changes that will impact the Future of the Expert. We also heard from Maajid Nawaz about his personal journey into and out of radicalisation and his thoughts on how a mistrust of the geo-political landscape can help lead to this.

There was a focus on mental wellbeing as delegates received tips on how to measure their own levels of wellbeing and help support their employees. Guest speaker, Bryony Gordon, shared her struggles with OCD, depression, bulimia and drug dependency with the Moderator, Chris Ship, as she shed light on how companies can address mental health in the workplace. Another highlight was our final guest speaker Giles Duley, one of the world’s leading documentary and humanitarian photographers, who shared poignant stories of people affected by conflict. Giles talked about the impact of war on others and recounted how he was left a triple amputee after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan. The room was moved to tears by his inspirational lesson on life, resilience and hope as he received a well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd.

The feedback we have received this year has been fantastic and we cannot wait to carry on the success in Tokyo, where ABTA’s 2019 Convention will be held.

Sunshine and Sightseeing in Seville - 12/10/18

The Dellar Davies logistics, production and content teams have just returned from Seville where ABTA’s Travel Convention was staged. 

The three-day event took place at the five star Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento hotel, an elegant and modern hotel on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. The hotel provided excellent conference facilities for delegates as they enjoyed a blend of insightful business sessions, social activities and networking opportunities.

The agenda also provided delegates with opportunities to explore the beautiful sights of Seville. Highlights included the Opening Ceremony at the Casino de la Exposición where guests enjoyed a traditional Spanish operatic performance. Delegates also enjoyed a range of excursions including a golf tournament at Zaudin Golf Club and a bike ride through Seville’s old cobbled streets in aid of ABTA LifeLine charity. If you ever get the chance to visit Seville, be sure to tour the city for a truly unforgettable experience! 

Planning has already commenced to stage next year’s Convention in Tokyo, which was revealed at the very end of this year’s event. It is set to be another fantastic event and early bird registrations have already opened so we are sure to be kept on our toes!

A Sizzling Hot Video - 17/06/18

Last week, Dellar Davies created a sizzle video for Celebrity Cruises to capture their participation in the 2018 Taste of London Event in Regents Park. Attended by 50,000 visitors, Taste of London is a flagship food festival that exhibits the best restaurants, excellent chefs and leading food and drink brands. Celebrity Cruises’ Vice President of Culinary, Cornelius Gallagher, and his team served up taster signature dishes at the event to showcase the globally inspired cuisine that will soon be featured on-board the new Celebrity Edge ship.

Our audio-visual production of the event can be viewed here.

SPA-ctacular Launch for Celebrity Edge - 18/05/18

Yesterday, Dellar Davies produced Celebrity Cruises’ press and trade launch for the Spa that is being developed for the shortly-to-be-launched Celebrity Edge. Dellar Davies staged the launch at the stylish Orrey Restaurant on Marylebone High Street which was elegantly branded with Spa renders and provided an intimate setting for the event. 

Guests were treated to Brunch overlooking St Marylebone Church and Gardens after Celebrity Cruises unveiled the details of their new spa-on-board experience. Plans for the ship’s luxury 23 treatment rooms were unveiled by Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, CEO of Celebrity Cruises, and world-renowned British interior designer, Kelly Hoppen. 

Dellar Davies also produced a sizzle video which captured highlights of the press launch as well as a full recording of the launch for distribution globally via social media. It proved to be a very successful event and we look forward to working with Celebrity Cruises on their next production.

Watch the video here.

Cruising to Success – 07/05/18

Last week, Dellar Davies organised and staged Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ ‘Closer’ Trade Conference at The Belfry Hotel & Resort in Sutton, Coldfield. 150 delegates attended the Conference, including a wide range of travel agents and tour operators.

The Conference included plenary sessions and interactive workshops, all aimed at updating delegates on the developments and new products that Fred. Olsen has to offer. Highlights included the ‘Bringing You Closer’ session, which explored the techniques that Fred. Olsen is using to ‘bring the world closer’ to its customers, and ‘The Fleet Renewed’ session, which shed light on the financial investments Fred Olsen has made to improve facilities on its fleet.

As the focus on the ‘Feel the Real’ session was to display Fred Olsen’s authenticity as a brand, we used audio-visual effects such as lighting, aromas and sound to resemble different cruise destinations, making it as authentic an experience as possible for delegates.

Delegates also heard from Debbie Marshall, Director of Silver Travel Advisor, who explored consumer trends in the travel market before a panel of Fred Olsen directors answered important questions about the cruise line.

After the Conference, guests enjoyed a gala dinner, complete with high-energy after-dinner entertainment from the band ‘The Talent’, as well as a Saturday Night Takeaway style cruise prize giveaway at the close of the night. It proved to be a fantastic event and we look forward to working with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines on their next Closer event! 

10th Travel Marketing Awards - 12/03/18

Last night, Dellar Davies worked with the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Travel Group (CIM Travel Group) to stage their 10th annual Travel Marketing Awards.

The Awards celebrated the outstanding expertise, talent and achievements of agencies, brands, teams and individuals within the travel sector. Several new categories had been added this year to ensure that the breadth of travel and tourism marketing was represented, bringing the total number of hotly contested Awards to 39.  New additions included Best Marketing Agency, Best PR Agency, Best Use of Technology and In-house Marketer of the Year.

This year saw the return of the rare Platinum standard in two award categories. DEC BBDO’s ‘After Rain Ads’ campaign for Turismo de Islas Canarias won them a Platinum accolade in the Best Out of Home Advertising Category. A Platinum award was also presented to Ogilvy & Social.Lab, who won Best PR Stunt/ Experimental Event with their campaign ‘The Mud Soldier’ for Visitflanders.com.

To celebrate its 10th year anniversary, the Awards Ceremony moved to a larger venue; the London Hilton on Park Lane. A bespoke multi-coloured cube award was also created especially for the 10th anniversary, to incorporate the nine previous award colours.

Guests were treated to a three-course meal and fantastic entertainment courtesy of the evening’s host Josh Widdicombe, a well renowned comedian and presenter. Following the Awards, there was an After Party with live DJ until the early hours. It proved to be another fantastic evening, filled with remarkable talent, entertainment and laughter. We look forward to next year!

Dellar Davies Hits The Heights - 11/1/2018

Earlier today, Dellar Davies helped Celebrity Cruises to recognise the significant role that travel agents and other trade partners play within its business at the Travel Agent Appreciaiton Awards at Landing Forty Two, London's highest dedicated event space.

We were responsible for staging Celebrity's fourth annual Awards in The Leadenhall Building, otherwise known as "The Cheesegrater". With floor-to-ceiling windows, Landing Forty Two stands 500ft above street level, offering the cruise line's trade partners stunning views across London's skyline over the course of the elegant lunchtime event.

All in all, the unique space provided the perfect setting for the Awards, and our thanks go to the team at the venue for helping us to deliver another exceptional event! 

OpportunITTies - 27/11/17

Earlier this evening we were at Vanilla for ITT's first-ever OpportunITTies event, designed for Graduates working in the travel, tourism, hospitality and airline sectors. Attendees were from a wide range of companies including: Amadeus, Avis Budget Group, British Airways, dnata, Hilton, Thomas Cook and TUI.

The event commenced with an interactive networking session presented by networking strategist, Andy Lopata, which provided a fascinating insight into the role that the relationships you develop through networking support you throughout your career.

This was followed by a session with industry leaders who talked about the future of travel and the opportunities the industry's future presents for those starting out in their careers.

The event took place at Vanilla in central London - an ideal space for this evening seminar, with excellent service and superb food - it is highly recommended!  

The Graduates enjoyed the event and stayed behind to catch up with the speakers and with each other - we hope it will be the first of a new generation of ITT events.  

Inaugural Travel Marketing Event - 31/10/2017

Last night saw Dellar Davies produce CIM Travel Group's first ever 'Travel Marketing Event', an all-new quarterly series of events designed specificially for senior travel marketing professionals as well as agencies involved in travel and toursm marketing.

Moderated by Steve Dunne, Vice Chair of CIM Travel Group, the fast-paced Travel Marketing: Trends to Watch seminar took place at Wallacespace Spitalfields.

Combining quality networking with the very latest thinking, tools and trends in travel marketing, delegates enjoyed presentations from leading marketing experts including: Growth Tribe Academy, Expedia Media Solutions, IAB UK and Talon. We also heard top tips for travel marketers on GDPR from travel law experts, Kennedys, The speakers also participated in panel discussion and took questions from the audience, whose initial feedback has been incredibly positive.

We're looking forward to welcoming many more leading lights from the world of travel marketing to Spitalfields in the New Year for CIM TG's second Travel Marketing Event. Travel Marketing: Question Time, which will take place on 29 January 2018, will bring together a distinguished panel of speakers and a high-profile audience to debate and address the most prominent and topical issues facing the marketing and sale of travel to consumers.  

Could ITT Be Magic? - 20/10/2017

Yesterday evening we organised and staged ITT @ The Dorchester, the Institute of Travel & Tourism's annual get-together that's undoubtedly one of the highlights of the travel industry's social calendar.

The party began at 7pm with a welcome reception before ITT Members and their guests enjoyed a three-course meal and spellbinding after-dinner entertainment courtesy of Pete Firman, the UK's best comedy magician since Tommy Cooper!

The event included the prestigious Odyssey Award which was presented to David Speakman, the Founder of Travel Counsellors and Chairman of Genus Capital, and an After-Party that lasted into the small hours...

Guests also witnessed the unveiling of the 2018 ITT Conference destination: Sicily. Dellar Davies is already gearing up to organise the annual overseas Conference and registrations opened first thing this morning to keep us on our toes!  The event will be held at the Hilton Giardini Naxos from 4-6 June 2018.

On the Edge of Glory - 18/10/2017

Yesterday evening, Dellar Davies staged an event for Celebrity Cruises where the cruise line's President and CEO, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, announced that their new state-of-the-art-ship 'Celebrity Edge' will be based in Europe for the Summer 2019 season and sailing from Southampton from May 2019 on Mediterranean itineraries.

Promising 'timeless luxury' and an 'intimate journey', Celebrity Edge promises to be a 'home from home' according to British interior designer Kelly Hoppen, the brains behind the ship's sleek and chic interiors. Kelly joined Lisa and UK & Ireland VP and Managing Director, Jo Rzymowska, on stage as the latest design renders were revealed for the first time to the travel trade and media.

Dellar Daives was responsible for the staging of the event at the stunning Spring Restaurant in Somerset House, where the canapes and small plates were created by one of Britain's most acclaimed chef's, Skye Gyngell. Our responsibilities also included the audio visual production of the event, which had to be handled with great care in a venue that has been designed to include beautiful wall art, lighting fixtures and a very special wooden floor.

Speaker's Corner - 16/10/2017

As with every Travel Convention, Dellar Davies conducts research to establish what companies, individuals and opinion formers believe will be the future trends affecting business the following year and further beyond. Our research extends beyond travel into business and finance, digital, marketing, generations and much more besides, to identify the topics that may be of interest to the industry's movers and shakers if explored and debated at the Convention.

Once this year's theme of The Next Chapter and key points of interest were established, guest speakers were sourced. Some of the industry's most recognisable players took to the stage in the Azores, with delegates hearing from TUI, Norwegian, Carnival, dnata, Airbnb and many more. However, the Convention is as renowned for its speakers from without travel as it is for those within and this year's roster was no exception.

From generational expert Dr Paul Redmond's standing ovation; to the inspiring story of Rob and Paul Forkan, who were orphaned by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami; onto the motivational cry of Natalia Cohen who rowed unsupported across the Pacific; and Justin Urquhart Stewart, the ubiquitous City commentator with red braces whose rip-roaringly funny session dispelled a few myths surround the state of the UK economy, Brexit and more, the audience reactions and impromptu feedback suggests this might just have been one of the best line-ups ever - and that's without factoring in losing the opening keynote speaker at the 11th hour... Or replacing the moderator on day two after he lost his voice!

The Next Chapter in the Azores - 13/10/2017

The Dellar Davies logistics, production and content teams have just returned from Sao Miguel in the Azores, where ABTA's annual Travel Convention was staged in the island's capital.

With ABTA and Dellar Davies recently recognised for its work on The Travel Convention in Abu Dhabi at the 2017 Conference Awards, we really had to make sure that it wasn't a case of 'after the Lord Mayor's show' when it came to staging the same event one year later in Ponta Delgada.

Delegates enjoyed a packed programme of inspirational and thought-provoking plenary sessions and specialist workshops built around the theme of 'The Next Chapter'. The sessions took place at the historic Teatro Micaelense in the centre of the old town. Like any major event, there were some unique challenges along the way, but thanks to the professionalism and flexibility of everyone involved, you never would have guessed... Or at least, we hope not!

Looking forward to next year's Convention, which was revealed at the very end of this year's event to be in Spain's most passionate and romantic city - Seville!

Up Close and Personal - 10/10/2017

Dellar Davies logistics team worked closely with local Partners before this year's Travel Convention in the Azores to ensure that a variety of activities were available on the opening day of the event, prior to the business sessions commencing.

From the golf tournament at the Batalha Golf Course; to the scenic coastal bike ride in aid of the ABTA LifeLine charity; to the Convention football match at the national UEFA-approved stadium and a range of once-in-a-lifetime excursions that saw several lucky delegates' whale watching experience become more up close and personal than any other sea trip over the past 15 years, no football was kicked, no golf ball hit, no beverage consumed and no boat setting sail without every detail being ticked off our to-do list.

If you ever get the chance to visit the Azores, be sure to sign up for the whale watching boat trip and tour the island for a truly unforgettable experience!

Travel Marketing Awards 2018 Launch - 1/9/2017

On behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Travel Group (CIM Travel Group) Dellar Davies is employing its own marketing machine to launch the 10th Travel Marketing Awards, which will take place at the London Hilton on Park Lane on 12 March 2018.

We've been running CIM Travel Group's Awards for the past decade, and we're delighted to say that they are going from strength to strength: the anniversary Awards feature nine more categories than previous years, and - having outgrown the Ballroom at the Grosvenor House - we've had to recce a fair few locations over the last few months to find a venue large enough for our growing needs!

500+ guests and shortlisted companies are expected to attend the event next March to celebrate and showcase the outstanding work, talent and results that set the standard across the travel sector. Final submissions are due by midnight on 17 November 2017.

Bronze Trophy Win at 2017 Conference Awards - 30/6/2017

Earlier today, Dellar Davies was recognised for its work on the 2016 Travel Convention in Abu Dhabi at the 2017 Conference Awards.

The Travel Convention, which is organised for ABTA by Dellar Daives, was awarded the Bronze trophy in the hotly contested 'Best Association Conference' category in recognition of the 'excellence across every event discipline from business content and event organisation to venue, entertainment, catering, marketing communications and more'.

In 2007, Dellar Davies was tasked with repositioning ABTA's annual Convention to reflect the changes affecting the sector, combining extensive research into the needs and expectations of delegates with the visions and mission of ABTA - The Travel Association. The 2016 Travel Convention provided a unique, contemporary conference experience that marked the 10th anniversary of the repositioning exercise, and we're delighted that our efforts have been recognised at such a distinguished awards ceremony, which was attended by over 700 guests at London's Tobacco Dock.

La Dolce Vita... 20/06/2017

From the Hilton Sorrento Palace hotel management to the Mayor's office, Dellar Davies worked closely with our friends in Sorrento to make sure that delegates attending the ITT Conference enjoyed a relaxed social programme where they could network with fellow ITT Members.

The Welcome Party saw delegates invited to an Enchanted Garden Party in the hotel grounds, where perfumed citrus trees, a mouth-watering traditional menu and local beverages, including Limoncello, provided the perfect start to the Conference.

The following evening a stylish and elegant Gala Dinner, hosted by MSC Cruises, offered delegates an evening of fine food and beverages, good company and great entertainment from Jon Culshaw beside the hotel's pool with its stunning night-time views over the Bay of Naples.

On the final night of Conference, the Farewell Party took place at the famous Villa Fiorentino, the elegant setting for many of Sorrento's cultural events and exhibitions, which provided the perfect setting for al fresco wining, dining, dancing and delegate goodbyes to the beautiful town of Sorrento.

Forza ITTalia at Sorrento Conference - 19/06/2017

Dellar Davies 'ITT Events' logistics and production teams have just returned from Sorrento where we organised last week's ITT Conference in this prime location close to picturesque spots such as the Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius, Capri and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii.

The three-day event took place at the Hilton Sorrento Palace, which offered great conference facilities, delegate accommodation and fantastic views across the Bay of Naples, undoubtedly one of the best views in the World.

The Conference welcomed 400 Members of ITT to one of the Mediterranean's most popular tourist destinations. But of course, a travel conference like ITT can't go ahead without an interesting speaker lineup. Ex-Chancellor George Osborne's off-the-record talk around politics, Brexit and more was certainly one that many of us will remember...even if we can't really talk about it!

With 86% saying they plan to attend the event in 2018, we're looking forward to organising the next Conference in... Well, you'll have to wait until ITT @ The Dorchester when the destination will be revealed!

What Luxury Travel Consumers Want - 22/5/2017

Yesterday, Dellar Davies was at the Savoy Hotel in central London for the Ultratravel Forum - a half day conference for senior professionals in the luxury travel sector, organised by Ultratravel magazine in partnership with TTG Luxury.

The Forum sessions included an illustrious panel of industry Presidents' and a future gazing presentation by David Mattin of Trendwatching. The highlight of the afternoon being a panel of luxury travel consumers who chatted to the Telegraph's Digital Luxury Travel Editor, John O'Ceallaigh, about their holiday expectations.

The panel included Television Broadcaster, Tania Bryer; British Chef, Jason Atherton; ITV's Good Morning Britain host, Charlotte Hawkins and the Politician and Author, Stanley Johnson, whose children include the current Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.

Royal Trio Guests of Honour - 22/05/2017

Last night's Ultimate Luxury Travel Related Awards (the ULTRAs) was a lavish affair at the Savoy Hotel. The Awards celebrate the very best in luxury travel and guests included celebrities from Ronan Keating and his wife Storm, Vernon Kay, Justin Rose, Mike Tindall and Anton Mossiman to Charlotte Hawkins and many more.

This year's highlight was the attendance of Sarah, Duchess of York, who was at the event to talk about the work of Children in Crisis, the charity she founded in 1993.  The Duchess remains the Life President and she was joined at the ULTRAs by the charity's Global Ambassadors, HRH Princess Beatrice and HRH Princess Eugenie - both of whom have helped organise high-profile fundraising activities.


#TTMA - Celebrate Good Times, Come On! 15/03/2017

Oh what a night!  The great and good of Travel Marketing came together at the Grosvenor House last night for the industry's annual Awards celebration, organised by Dellar Davies for the CIM Travel Group.

Presided over by the Asian Provocateur himself, Romesh Ranganathan, the event was a sell-out success, with 85 more entries than ever before and 70 more guests attending the event, making this the largest TTMA to-date.

Congratulations to all the winners, whose work showed the dynamic force that marketing has become in the UK travel industry. Well done team DD for growing the event year on year - roll on next year's 10th anniversary event!

"Just want to thank you and all the team for pulling together a fabulous awards evening last night. It was our best ever, with such an amazing atmosphere in the room! Well done all."
Keith Cartwright, Chairman, CIM Travel Group

"Just a quick line to say thank you for organising and managing such a great event last night. It was absolutely brilliant, and I feel moved the Awards onto a new level.  Once again - thanks so much."
Steve Dunne, Deputy Chairman, CIM Travel Group

"A huge thank you for my seat at the Awards last night and an even bigger congratulations on the smooth running of an incredible event. As a first time attendee, I was blown away by the scale of the event, as well as the pride of those who had entered, and the eventual winners!
Joe Legate, Council Member, CIM Travel Group

Safety & Security and the Global Traveller - 08/03/17

We have just completed the design and programming ofTravelzoo’s Safety & Security and the Global Traveller presentation for this year’s ITB Berlin – the world’s largest tourism trade fair.
The project included artworking a White Paper Report, creating an interactive infographic map and an interactive PPT presentation, including an After Effects video.
Click here to view the interactive map.

New Year, New Client - 12/01/17

It's a new year and we're gearing up to stage our first event for new client, Celebrity Cruises. The Travel Agent Appreciation Awards are taking place next week at the Hospital Club, a private Members club in the heart of Covent Garden.

Travel Marketing Awards 2017 - 9/11/16

For the ninth year running, Dellar Davies is working with the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Travel Group (CIM Travel Group) to make sure that the 2017 Travel Marketing Awards are a success. Final submissions are due by midnight on 18 November 2016, with the winners announced at the Group's flagship event on 14 March 2017, which we will also be organising. 

Over 400 guests and shortlisted companies will come together at the Grosvenor House in central London to celebrate and showcase the outstanding work, talent and results that set the marketing standard across the travel industry.

The Travel Marketing Awards recognise the most original, creative, innovative and best-performing advertising, marketing and digital campaigns over the past year.

ITT: 60 Years Young - 19/10/16

Oh what a night! We staged ITT's 60th Anniversary Party at The Dorchester on Park Lane yesterday, offering guests a night full of Hollywood glamour with a quintessentially British twist! ITT Members and their guests enjoyed a three-course dinner, a prize draw in aid of Alder Hey Children's Charity and entertainment from Swing Patrol, Grace Lee, the Phoenix Artist Club and the phenomenal Jack Pack.

The 60th Celebration also included the presentation of the prestigious Odyssey Award to the Founder and CEO of Southall Travel, Kuljinder Bahia. The event included the public announcement of something that we knew already - that we'll soon be working on ITT's next annual Conference in...Sorrento!

Yas Island - A Winning Formula - 13/10/16

After organising and staging one of the best Travel Convention's of recent times (or so delegates told us!), the Dellar Davies logistics and production teams have just returned from Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

The event took place at the iconic Yas Viceroy, the only hotel in the world actually built on a Formula One race track! Over the course of the three day event, delegates heard from leaders across the travel and tourism landscape as well as expert guest speakers from outside the industry. They enjoyed a packed programme of inspirational and thought provoking workshops and presentations designed to help them steer through the ever-changing travel environment.

While we can prepare for an event of this type by working in advance to develop themes, source the speakers, rehearse and so on, it was the unexpected appearance of Andrew Swaffield, the CEO of The Monarch Group, that put the cherry on top of the pie.  We've been working with ABTA on their annual event for over 20 years and seen much in that time. The fact that Andrew used the Convention to announce that Monarch is looking firmly to the future following a reorganisation of the business and successful investment was proof-positive that the event is as relevant to the industry today as it ever was. Long may that reign continue (and next stop: The Azores!).

Good Sports in Abu Dhabi - 13/10/16

As Yas Island is the home of Formula One in Abu Dhabi, The Travel Convention could hardly be all work and no play, could it?!

From social and networking events to a golf tournament at Yas Links Golf Club; a run, walk or cycle around the Yas Marina Circuit; to a football match at Zayed Sports City, the Dellar Davies team pulled out all the (pit) stops to make each activity event a success.

We played the long game, working closely with local Partners beforehand to ensure that no football was kicked, no golf ball was hit and no refreshing sports drink imbibed without every detail being ticked off our to-do list!

Up Close and Personal - 12/10/16

Last night's Travel Convention Host Party was a glitzy and glamorous affair on the pristine white sands of the Al Raha Beach hotel. The night was designed to be a celebration of Tinseltown, transporting delegates down a 'Walk of Fame' to a major 'production' complete with paparazzi en-route!

The 'cast' were treated to a seated buffet supper that truly sparkled with illuminated tables and musical entertainment provided by the inimitable Ronan Keating! The chart-topping star, and one-time-leader of Boyzone, performed a thrilling set packed with hits and more. 

As Host Parties go, it was a spectacular way to bring the social events of the rollercoaster ride that was the 2016 Travel Convention to an end.  

Picture Yourself at a Party - 11/10/16

Last night's Travel Convention Welcome Party was staged in the picturesque Palm Garden at the Yas Viceroy, overlooking the Yas Marina Formula One circuit.

Complete with a fashionable 'red carpet' arrival feature; palm trees, attractive furnishings, food and beverage stations aplenty, the result was an attractive and relaxing ambiance.

Given Abu Dhabi's plans to become the arts and culture hub of the UAE, images of paintings and sculptures were projected onto the surrounding buildings - with delegates invited to pick up a paintbrush and create their own artwork on the night.  Masterpiece artists, one and all...! 

A Brighter Celebration - 22/8/16

Congratulations on your 21st anniversary, Brighter Group! Great to catch up with travel colleagues at your boat party this week. 

To-Tel Recall - 13/6/16

While some delegates visited Jerusalem and the Dead Sea or enjoyed guided tours of Tel Aviv, we were working hard behind the scenes to 'make ITT happen'! 

While we, of course, loved every minute we spent indoors to ensure the Conference was the best it could be, the Welcome Party at Carlton on the Beach, the Gala Dinner at Trask and the Farewell Party at Lauren's Gallery, gave us a tantalising glimpse of what Tel Aviv has to offer.

It would have been rude not to have spent at least some time in the fresh air on our last day, what with the sky being so blue and the sun shining. However, with so little time to explore and so much to do and see, "we will be back" and it will be all play and no work next time round!

Tel-ing ITT How It Is - 10/6/16

Dellar Davies 'ITT Events' logistics and production teams have just returned from Tel Aviv, where the 2016 ITT Conference took place.  The three-day event in the 'Land of Creation' took place at the Tel Aviv Hilton, and was a success for all involved.

We worked closely with the Israel Government Tourist Office before and during the Conference to ensure that all ran smoothly. Of course, a Conference like ITT can't go ahead without a great line-up of speakers, each of whom gave their time to share their knowledge, views and experiences - and most even turned up for their rehearsal on time! 

The common consensus was that this was one of the best ITT Conference's ever. Let's see whether we can go one better next year, when the Conference takes place in....?!!

Ten Years of The ULTRAs! - 25/5/16

Yesterday we were at the Savoy Hotel for the 10th anniversary of The ULTRAs - the Ultra Luxury Travel Related Awards. The Awards Dinner followed the half-day Ultratravel Forum.

"Many people said it was the best Ultratravel Forum and ULTRAs Dinner yet - and I have had so many nice comments about the way it was organised" - said our client, Nick Perry, the Chairman of Ultratravel Limited. "You have a great team - and you deserve medals for working with me for ten years of The ULTRAs!

We are delighted to be retained by Ultratravel Limited to organise and produce this event and look forward to being a part of travel's most glamorous event in 2017.

The Voice of the Ocean - 20/5/16

As part of CLIA's glittering Gala Dinner last night, Dellar Davies worked with Princess Cruises to stage the hotly contested final of The Voice of the Ocean, including making a documentary video of the auditions which were filmed on-board Emerald Princess earlier in the year.

Our congratulations go to the runners up - Katie George for #TeamTony and James Grant for #TeamLucy. But, there could only be one winner and The Voice of the Ocean title went, deservedly, to Vickie Jones who was representing #TeamAndy.

Vickie's performance of Adele's Someone Like You' won her a 7-night Scandinavian cruise on-board Emerald Princess, courtesy of Princess Cruises. Well done Vickie!

#CruiseRevolution - 19/5/16

Today, Dellar Davies has been in Southampton at the Hilton Ageas Bowl producing the 10th CLIA Conference. More than 600 delegates, including 470 travel agents, attended the event which carried the theme, Cruise Revolution.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary, the Conference saw keynote speakers including three cruise industry chiefs: Carnival Corporation's CEO; Royal Caribbean Cruises President; and Azamara Club Cruises President and Chief Executive.

The Conference finale included a rousing performance of 'Do You Hear the People Sing' which was performed by students from the Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts.

The Cubes That Rocked! - 16/3/16

Yes, it's the time of year when the highly coveted Travel Marketing Awards are awarded to the agencies and travel companies producing the best marketing campaigns of 2015. 

Dellar Davies organised, produced and staged last night'sevent on behalf of CIM Travel Group at the Grosvenor House on London's Park Lane.

The host of the Awards was comedian Alun Cochrane, whose suitcases without wheels gag will keep us amused for years, and Rockaoke brought the event to a truly rocking conclusion. 

Well done to all the winners!

Strictly Style - 11/12/15

CLIA's Annual Dinner was given the Strictly Come Dancing touch last night when United Kingdom and British Latin American Dance Champions, Luke Miller and Laura Robinson, took to the stage on board Cruise and Maritime Voyages Magellan.

Congratulations to all the winners of the CLIA Cruise Excellence Awards 2015, which were presented by the ship's Godmother and star of Loose Women, Gloria Hunniford.

Our thanks to Tommy, the ship's technician, who worked with us to stage the event.

ITT's Christmas! - 10/12/2015

Dellar Davies organised ITT's final event of 2015, the ITT Christmas Cocktails, at the stunning Speaker's House this evening. 

The magnificent Christmas tree, free-flowing Mulled Wine, festive fayre and impromptu songs around the piano, made the event an ITT Xmas party to remember.

A Ship, A Show and Snow - 10/12/15

Yesterday we were on-board CMV's Magellan at the London Cruise Terminal for our final event of the year - the CLIA Cruise Forum.

In true Blue Peter style,  delegates made paper snowflakes which combined to make snow - demonstrating that for the cruise sector 'We are greater than I'.

Our grateful thanks to the the superb Cruise and Maritime Voyages team for making the last show of the Dellar Davies year such a memorable one.

Middle East ULTRAs - 25/11/15

This evening we staged the inaugural Middle East ULTRAs in Dubai for Ultratravel Magazine.

The glittering occasion took place in the Al Falak Ballroom at the top of the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah - a world landmark hotel. The event celebrated the winners of the Ultimate Luxury Travel Related Awards as voted for by readers of the Middle East edition of Ultratravel.

Next year will see the 10th ULTRAs take place in London.

ITT's Tel Aviv! - 22/10/15

Yesterday, Katie, Erin and several other members of the Dellar Davies team were in London organising and staging ITT's annual President's Dinner. ITT Members and guests enjoyed a fabulous evening at The Dorchester on Park Lane.

The event included a welcome reception; a three-course meal, including The Dorchester's amazing Cheese Souffle; the announcement of the 2016 ITT Conference destination, Tel Aviv, and presentation of the prestigious Odyssey Award. This year's recipient was the Chairman of Carnival UK, David Dingle.

Entertainment was provided by BGT's Danny Posthill and acoustic trio, Wandering Hands.

You Guys Rock! - 18/10/15

"It was impeccably organised to the last detail. Thanks so much - you guys rock!"; "Well done on yet another well organised and well-oiled conference, you really are the best"; "I thought the professionalism of your set up was superb"; "Well done, you really are brilliant at pulling together such an event with so many moving parts"; "Wonderful organisation and amazing attention to detail"; "I found the quality of the Convention to be exceptional and I have come back to the office inspired"; "Great content, excellent contacts and a fabulous venue. Very well done to you all"; "Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you, and everyone at Dellar Davies for puttng on a brilliant Travel Convention this week".

Just some of the feedback received following last week's Travel Convention, which Dellar Davies staged and organised for ABTA at Starwood Hotel Group's stunning Costa Navarino in the Peloponnese Region of Greece.

ITT's Pimm's O'Clock - 22/7/2015

The perfect accompaniment to a Summer's evening, the Pimm's flowed at this year's ITT Summer Party!

ITT Members and their guests took in the stunning views over London and the Thames from the Terrace Pavillion at the House of Commons, and the sunshine made a welcome early evening appearance.

During the event, Lord Peter Snape unveiled the winners of the 2015 ITT Student Awards and presented the winners with their very well-deserved plaques and certificates.

Choices for Growth - 24/6/2015

Today Dellar Davies organised and staged ABTA's 6th Travel Matters conference, which took place  at a new venue this year, Prince Philip House. 

Travel Matters has developed into the travel industry's premier forum where policy and current affairs intersect and with a new Parliament freshly underway, it was an interesting morning. We heard from the Aviation Minister, Robert Goodwill MP, as well as three newly elected MPs from across the political spectrum. And Channel 4 News presenter, Cathy Newman, gave us her thoughts on how the changing politics in Westminster will affect the way Government, business and voters interact.  

The event was opened by ABTA's Chief Executive, Mark Tanzer, who explained the day's theme - choices for growth - and presented highlights of ABTA research on the value of outbound travel to the UK economy.

Travelzoo London 2 Paris - 6/6/2015

The amazing team at Travelzoo has made it to Paris! The team from Travelzoo UK undertook a cycle challenge from London to Paris to raise money for Open Arms Malawi.  

They wanted a logo to include the Travelzoo logo as well as a London and Paris element, which could be printed onto the merchandise used for their participation in the event, from water bottles to flags and used on their Just Giving fundraising page.  

Dellar Davies put together some 20 logo options with different variations on the theme, with the chosen logo making it all the way to Malawi. 

“Truthfully we think they are all brilliant.  You’ve done a great job and have understood our concept perfectly.”

Sheikh, RAK and Roll... 1/6/2015

This week, Dellar Davies 'ITT Events' logistics and production teams are in the little-known Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah for the ITT Conference.

The three-day event is taking place at the palacial Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah with the Conference sessions taking place at the adjacent Al Hamra Conference Centre.

In a company-first, we worked closely with the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah's protocol department to co-ordinate arrangements for the Sheikh to formally open the Conference and welcome delegates to RAK. In his thought-provoking speech, the Sheikh talked about the world as a home and each country as a room - reminding us of the important role that travel & tourism plays in creating harmony among the world's different people's.

In spite of soaring temperatures, the event was a great success and you can be sure that we'll be Back in RAK one day.

Cake Boy on Britannia - 23/5/2015

The final day of CLIA's Selling Cruise Conference took place on P&O's recently launched Britannia.

Dellar Davies production team now has the art of setting up and running a conference on board a ship during a turnaround day with an entourage of 600 delegates well and truly sussed out! 

Although each ship is different and time was tight, we were a 'slightly' more relaxed production team today, but there were still a few more hours of conference to run and the finale of the #foundmydestinity Countdown Connundrum to reveal. 

Today's sessions included an interview with award-winning master patissier and international baking star, Eric Lanlard. In the heart of Britannia's atrium is the Market Cafe which sells cakes and pastries by Eric, and he brought along a few for three lucky delegates to win.  

Bring on next year's event! 

We Will Rock You! - 22/5/2015

Today we're finding our sea legs in Southampton once again; this time on board Royal Caribbean Cruises brand new Ship, Anthem of the Seas

Day Two of CLIA UK & Ireland's Selling Cruise Conference opened with a video which saw Little Andy and Little Lucy interview the event's hosts, Andy Harmer and Lucy Huxley. The stars of the VT were undoubtedly Lucy's children, Tom and Marijke. 

Before the serious business of talking cruise got underway in the Royal Theatre, delegates were treated to an extract from the ship's We Will Rock You show.   

A more leisurely exit time today, but preparations are now underway for tomorrow, the event's final day!

On Board Royal Princess - 21/5/2015

Today, Dellar Davies production team were on board Princess Cruises Royal Princess in Southampton for day one of CLIA UK & Ireland's Selling Cruise Conference. 

The Conference, staged in the Princess Theatre, got off to an unique start with a Saturday Night Takeaway style video opener which tracked the progress of the events hosts - CLIA director, Andy Harmer, and Travel Weekly Group editor, Lucy Huxley - from their cabin to the stage.  

Filmed on board the previous weekend, their dash to the stage starts in a cabin and takes the audience on a whirlwind tour of some of the ship's key features including the spectacular Royal Princess Atrium, Belli's Bar, the Lotus Spa and the first-of-its-kind glass-bottomed Sea Walk which extends 28 feet beyond the Ship's starboard top deck, before they ran into the Theatre just in time for the event to start.

We just managed to de-rig and disembark the ship before it set sail.  Just as well as we have another two days of conference to navigate! 

A Merry Dance - 18/5/2015

This evening we staged the ULTRAs for Ultratravel Magazine in the ever-glittering Dorchester Ballroom. 

Celebrity guests included Walking The Nile explorer, Levison Wood and Indian Summers and Downton Abbey star, Olivia Grant. The audience swooned when Actor Charles Dance, who was presenting an Award, gave an improptu speech on behalf of Skiing for Heroes - the charity supported by this year's event.

The Awards were expertly hosted by presenter and Formula One pit lane reporter, Natalie Pinkham

Cruise Journalism Awards - 25/3/2015

Last night, Dellar Davies was at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho for the 2015 CLIA Cruise Journalism Awards

Dellar Davies produced the screen media for the Awards which were presented Oscars-style in the stunning Ham Yard Theatre.

Total Eclipse of the Cubes - 20/3/2015

Congratulations to all the 2015 Travel Marketing Award winners!

Dellar Davies organised and staged last night's Awards ceremony, which was hosted by actor and comediam Rufus Hound, for CIM Travel Group.

The Awards (cubes) recognise the positive values that successful marketing has on the travel and tourism sector across a wide range of disciplines. This year saw the return of the rare Platinum standard for one outstanding entry in the PR Tactical category - First Ever Selfie with Jesus by The Flash Pack - with Travel Brand of the Year going to Expedia.

Knowledge is Power - 27/2/2015

Today, Dellar Davies was at Global Radio assisting with CIMTIG's breakfast briefing, Knowledge is Power.  This media session explored changing radio consumption habits, innovations in radio and new research into the strengths of using radio for travel marketing.

After the briefing, delegates were given a tour of the Studios visiting: Heart FM, Smooth FM and Classic FM where they met radio presenter, Kate Garraway.

Pointless, President's and Prizes - 15/10/2014

Last night Dellar Davies were at the Dorchester on London's Park Lane for the ITT President's Dinner, which we organised and staged for the Institute of Travel & Tourism.

The hilariously funny Alexander Armstrong, star of TV's Pointless, made a guest appearance as a Patron of ITT's adopted charity, Just a Drop.   

ITT's prestigious Odyssey Award was presented to the Managing Director of Hays Travel, John Hays, and additional entertainment was provided by the high octane 4 Poofs and a Piano. During the course of the evening, ITT  announced the destination for its 2015 Conference - the little-known but rising Emirate, Ras Al Khaimah, which will host the event at the spectacular Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah.

A great time was had by all!

Love is in the Air! - 24/9/2014

Dellar Davies has been in the delightful city of Ljubljana this week organising and staging ABTA's annual Travel Convention. There was a lot of love in the air this year as the event was hosted by the country with love in its name - Slovenia!

The three-day event included: a welcome party at the iconic Ljubljana Castle, perched on a hill overlooking the city; a host party at Krizanke Summer Theatre; business sessions at the GR Exhibition and Conference Centre and a Convention Bar at As Aperitivo.

Convention highlights included the Dragon of Ljubljana's appearance at the Opening Ceremony; inspriational presentations by guest speakers including Justin Urquhart-Stewart, David Pearl and the star of C4's forthcoming series, Walking the Nile, Levison Wood. There was also a chance for delegates to meet the man himself when American R&B legend, Alexander O'Neal, gave an exclusive performance at the Convention Bar.  

With many sessions scoring 100% positive ratings, we bade farewell to Ljubljana (the beloved) with a lot of love in our hearts!

Policy and Politics - 19/6/2014

ABTA's annual Travel Matters conference took place yesterday in Westminster, with a fantastic line-up of speakers who debated the policy matters and current issues affecting the travel industry.

Dellar Davies organised the event and produced the business sessions, which were expertly facilitated by TV presenter and journalist, Daisy McAndrew.

Guest speakers included the Aviation Minister, who talked about the vital work being done by the Airports Commission to increase airport capacity in the South East, and Lewis Baston, an expert political analyst who presented his (admittedly early) predictions for the outcome of the 2015 General Election.

Malta is More - 5/6/14

Dellar Davies has been in Malta this week organising and staging this year's ITT Conference. The three-day event took place at the Malta Hilton at Portomaso Bay in St Julians, and was hosted by the Malta Tourist Authority.

On Monday evening, delegates enjoyed a Mediterranean BBQ at the Malta Hilton Poolside. On Tuesday evening, the Gala Dinner took place at the spectacular Saluting Battery in Valletta. Built in the 16th Century, the Battery overlooks the majestic Fort St Angelo. And on the final evening, the Conference came to a stylish close with an informal party at the Xara Lodge, located just off a beaten path under the bastion walls of Mdina.

The highlight of the Conference was a presentation about peoples experience of a brand, product or service by Queen of Shops, Mary Portas. The event also featured a Football Forum in aid of Alder Hey, with England and Liverpool legend, John Barnes

The Battle of the Cruise Industry - 23/5/14

Yesterday the Dellar Davies team were in Southampton for the CLIA Selling Cruise Conference, which included a Trade Fair in the morning at Southampton Cruise Terminal followed by a Conference and Hollywood style party at the Grand Harbour Hotel.

During the Conference, for travel agents who sell cruise holidays, six cruise line leaders took to the stage for the Battle of the Cruise Industry. Three battle rounds pitched British vs. American cruising; Expedition vs. Contemporary cruising, and Luxury Ocean vs. River cruising.

Never mind who won the battle; the purpose was to demonstrate the wides range of cruises available and how to identify the right cruise for a travel customer.

The theme for the conference was Make it Happen, and the whole event had a Movie theme. Dellar Davies was responsible for registration management and the production of the conference and evening event.

Heaven on Earth - 19/5/14

Today Dellar Davies was at The Dorchester for the Ultratravel Forum and ULTRAs which we organised and produced for the publishers of Ultratravel, the luxury travel magazine edited and distributed by Telegraph Travel.

The highlight of the Ultratravel Forum was a consumer feedback session with luxury travel customers including:TV presenters, Piers Morgan and Alex Polizzi; writer, Emma Freud,and journalist, Celia Walden.

In the evening, this year's ULTRAs (Ultra Luxury Travel Related Awards) was hosted by TV presenter, Gethin Jones, with the Awards presented by special guests: Ronan Keating, Olympic Gold medallist Greg Rutherford, and TV presenters Charlotte Jackson and Charlotte Hawkins.

All Hands on Deck - 12/5/14

We're gearing up for four events over the next two weeks: the ITT Odyssey Supper at the House of Commons on 14 May; the Ultratravel Forum and ULTRAs at the Dorchester on 19 May, and the CLIA Selling Cruise Conference at the Grand Harbour in Southampton on 22 May - so it's all hands on deck at Dellar Davies this week!


Orange is the Happiest Colour! - 21/3/14

...so said Frank Sinatra. It means playfulness, social interaction and comfort! It was also the colour of the awards presented to the winners at this year's Travel Marketing Awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House yesterday evening.

These annual awards recognise the finest work being accomplished in travel and tourism marketing today. This year's event was hosted by Keith 'Cheggers' Chegwin, with Travel Brand of the Year (2013) being won by Thomson, and Best TV Advertising by Virgin Holidays.

Dellar Davies organises and stages the Awards on behalf of CIMTIG - the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Travel Industry Group. We are responsible for everything from awards management and event marketing to event logistics and technical production, having been responsible for the relaunch of the event six years ago.

flynas Route Launch - 11/3/14

Last night we helped flynas, a leading low cost Saudi airline, to mark their entry into the UK market with a gala dinner to celebrate the launch of their London Gatwick and Manchester routes. 

The dinner took place at Searcys Restaurant at 30 St Mary Axe - better known as the 'Gherkin London'. 

Utilising the top two floors of this iconic landmark building, we checked guests onto their tables using 'destination' Boarding Passes and lit the dome in turquoise to match their brand identity. 

Around The World In Three Hours - 28/2/14

Today marks the mid-way point in the seven venue, seven day Roadshow we are co-ordinating for Journeys of Distinction - operator of luxury private tours and escorted group touring holidays and part of the luxury travel company, Kuoni.

The Roadshow is for existing and potential customers and takes them on a three hour journey around the world showcasing some of Journeys of Distinction's latest tours from Asia, Australia, Africa and South America, including the brand new Passage to India tour.

The event includes a presentation by the company's Managing Director, after which attendees break into groups to move between the four destination zones for a presentation and 'experience' including: chocolate tasting and a camp fire 'show and tell'. 

From Seabed to Surface - 19/2/14

Dellar Davies has just finished working on the first of Subsea 7's 2014 Offshore Seminars - providing full technical production support and speaker management. The stage for this year's event mirrored Subsea 7's '7' creating a diagonal 'catwalk' to connect the speakers and audience.

Celebrating 20 Years of HMA Awards - 16/12/13

Dellar Davies produced the screen media for this afternoon's Hotel Marketing Association Christmas Lunch and Awards at the Savoy, London. The 20th anniversary of HMA's Awards celebrated marketing excellence at both an individual and corporate level.

Le Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons won the Best Website Award. The judges felt the website had 'fantastic imagery which entices you in' and succeeded in updating an iconic brand to make it relevant for a new generation of traveller.

Paradise on Earth - 23/10/13

George Bernard Shaw said 'Those who seek Paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik' - and delegates attending The Travel Convention this week in Dubrovnik definitely agreed with him.

Glorious weather, stunning views of the Adriatic and the old town of Dubrovnik provided the perfect setting for ABTA's 60th annual Convention.

The Travel Convention is the UK travel industry's flagship event, organised by Dellar Davies for ABTA - The Travel Association. Feedback from this year's Convention has been extremely positive, with the content of the business sessions being deemed the best ever. 

The Travel Convention was trending on Twitter throughout the event - check out #abta13 for delegate commentary and highlights videos. 

Sunday Lunch, Dubrovnik Style - 20/10/13

ABTA and The Telegraph co-hosted Sunday Lunch in glorious October sun for the travel industry's leaders in Dubrovnik earlier today. Dellar Davies organised this very special event at Nautika Restaurant, which lies on the very edge of the sea at Pile, alongside the western entrance to Dubrovnik's Old Town.

From its unique terrace and truly one of a kind view of the Adriatic and fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar, guests enjoyed local delicacies in the Restaurant recognised as the sixth most romantic restaurant in the world by Condé Nast Traveller magazine.


An Evening with the Puppet Master - 26/9/13

This year's ITT President's Dinner featured entertainment provided by Paul Zerdin - the Puppet Master. Not only did Paul's regular characters, Sam and his grandad Albert featuer, the ITT President and his wife also found they had a starring role as Human Puppets!

The dinner was organised by Dellar Davies and took place in the stunning ballroom at The Dorchester on London's Park Lane.  The evening included the presentation of ITT's Odyssey Award to Carolyn McCall,  CEO of easyJet; fund raising for ITT's adopted charity, Just a Drop and the announcement of ITT's 2014 overseas Conference venue - St Juliens in Malta.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot! - 18/07/2013

Drenched in sunshine, the Terrace Pavilion at the House of Commons provided the perfect setting for this year's ITT Chairman's Summer Cocktails, organised by Dellar Davies' ITT Events team. 

Guests were treated to a drinks reception and canapes and basked in the glorious sunshine on the terrace which runs alongside The Thames, as a spell of unseasonably hot weather swept across the capital!

Dame Tessa Jowell MP attended the event to present the annual ITT Student Awards .

Travel Matters - 27/06/2013

Yesterday Dellar Davies organised ABTA's fourth Travel Matters conference in Westminster, which was themed An Agenda for Growth.

The invited audience gathered to debate the hottest policy issues in travel & tourism which continue to include aviation capacity and APD, with Virgin Atlantic's new CEO, Craig Kreeger, giving his first public address since joining the airline. Other speakers included Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, the Secretary of State for Transport and - also addressing the travel industry for the first time - the CEO of The Midcounties Co-operative, Ben Reid OBE.

Travel Matters is sponsored by Deloitte and the event provides a platform for the travel industry to make its voice heard to Government. Dellar Davies co-ordinated the delegate, logistical and technical arrangements for the event as well as working with the conference moderator, speakers and panelists to develop the programme content which saw #abta trending yesterday. 

Sand-Skiing in Abu Dhabi - 06/06/2013

Today the Dellar Davies event team is returning from the annual ITT Conference which this year took place in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. 

This year's Conference tee'd off with a game of golf at the stunning Abu Dhabi Golf Course, where the club house takes the form of a vast-winged Falcon, which was full of the usual travel industry capers.

There was much informal networking throughout the Conference, but the highlight was the farewell party in the Desert which gave delegates the opportunity to ride a camel and try their hand at sand-skiing.

The conference closed with a memorable speech by Dame Tessa Jowell who talked about how she first approached then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, regarding the possibility of London hosting the 2012 Olympics, and how their initial scepticism led to London hosting what is widely felt to be the greatest Olympics in history. 

Dellar Davies produced the conference sessions and worked with ITT, and alongisde Etihad and Abu Dhabi Tourism, to organise the event.

Think Ahead - 28/5/13

The Dellar Davies team has just returned from the 2013 CLIA UK Cruise Convention's Selling Cruise Conference in Southampton. 

The event started with a lively trade fair at Southampton Cruise Port, which included a sponsored Theatre and World Stage, and continued with an informative and motivating conference - themed Think Ahead - which was designed to educate travel agents on different types of cruise product as well as successful selling techniques and selling cruise tips. 

The speakers were all excellent and the whole afternoon ran like clockwork!  

In the evening, the 80s themed Sailaway Party featured Cheggers (Keith Chegwin) who received such a loud applause when he took to the stage we couldn't hear ourselves think, let alone call the show!

Dellar Davies provided the technical production and delegate management services.  

The Latest in Luxury - 21/5/13

Yesterday Dellar Davies staged the inaugural Ultratravel Forum at The Dorchester on London's Park Lane. The event was attended by some of the most senior management in the world of business, luxury and travel.  Identifying Tomorrow's Trends was the theme of the day, which featured presentations, discussion panels and interviews with influential figures in luxury travel from around the world.

The Forum concluded with a lively Consumer Panel session chaired by the editor of Ultratravel, Charlie Starmer-Smith.  The luxury customers included a string of well-known personalities: TV news presenters, Fiona Bruce and Mary Nightingale; journalist, and wife of Piers Morgan, Celia Walden; TV presenter, Eamonn Holmes, and music industry tour manager, Andy Franks.

The Ultimate in Travel Luxury - 21/05/2013

Last night Dellar Davies staged the 2013 ULTRAs - the Ultimate Travel Luxury Related Awards - at the glittering Dorchester Hotel on London's Park Lane.

The Awards were announced by Sky News Sunrise presenter, Charlotte Hawkins, assisted by her Sunrise co-host, Eamonn Holmes. 

The Awards celebrated the very best in luxury travel as voted for by the readers of Ultratravel.  The Award for the Best Hotel in the World went to the six star Burj Al Arab in Dubai, with Australia being voted the Best Destination in the World.

Purple Reign - 22/03/2013

Last night saw the reigning champions of this year's Travel Marketing Awards head home cluthcing purple Award cubes! The event recognised the finest work in travel marketing, with the quality being so high this year that the Judges introduced a new rating.  In addition to Bronze, Silver and Gold, they added Platinum; the highest accolate CIMTIG can provide. 

The event was hosted by Radio 6 DJ and stand-up, Shaun Keaveny, accompanied by his house band, the magnificent Madhen.  Dellar Davies organised the award process and staged the event for the fith year running.

Congratulations! - 11/03/2013

Earlier today, Dellar Davies staged a presentation for Nexen at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Heathrow, the last in a series of meetings to celebrate the official closing of the CNOOC-Nexen transaction, which marks a new chapter in Nexen history. The staging carried a British theme including Union Jack gobos.  

Delivering Sustainable Performance - Together 28/02/2013

This week, Dellar Davies has been in Hammersmith producing Subsea 7's Offshore Seminar. The seminar provides a once a year opportunity to connect Subsea 7's global offshore management team of Captains, chief engineers and project managers with the onshore senior management team and executive committee. 

Guest speakers included Richard West, who held senior commercial positions in Fomula 1 with McClaren and Williams.  Richard drew on the business lessons of F1 to demonstrate the importance of open and constant communications; a clear alignment of goals between individuals, teams and partners and the role of the leader at every level of an organisation; all essential to deliver sustainable performance - the theme of this year's Offshore Seminar.

The seminar will be repeated in March with the offshore management team who were on duty at the time of this event.

A Cameo Appearance - 23/02/2013

Last night, BBC2's Funny Business 'Waves of Laughter' episode, featured the ACE Cruise Convention Columbus Day event which Dellar Davies staged and produced in September last year, with one of our team making a cameo appearance!


It was 21 Years Ago Today - 02/02/13

Happy Birthday to us!  Yes, Dellar Davies opened its doors for the very first time on 2 February 1992 - an incredible 21 years that have just flown by!  Like the various industries we have worked with over the past two decades, we've been through many changes but it's been an amazing journey - and we're still going strong!  So, thanks for the memories and for all your supoprt. Please join us as we raise a glass to celebrate our past, and toast what's sure to be an interesting future. Cheers!!

Seventh Heaven - 22-24/01/13

Last week, Dellar Davies took care of the technical production for two consecutive Subsea 7 seminars, both of which were held at the Novotel West London in Hammersmith - located opposite the company's London headquarters.  The events included a one day meeting for Subsea 7's Project Managers and a two-day Kick Off Meeting for the company's onshore management team. 

Dellar Davies ensured the smooth running of the stage presentations, business meetings and an evening event which included the Kick Off Meeting Awards Ceremony, where the winners were voted for  on the night by the audience  The company's onshore management team were presented with reviews for 2012, forward plans for 2013 and took part in interactive workshops aimed at enhancing performance and working practises.

To reflect the nature of the business, which provides offshore seabed-to-surface engineering and construction servies to the energy industry worldwide, we designed a video, sound and light opener for the start of the conference which saw the moderator take to the stage as if air-lifted in via helicopter!

Art Deco Lounge - 13/1/13

At each instalment of Tullett Prebon's Lounge at the London International Boat Show, the furniture is updated to bring a fresh look to the lounge with additional elements added periodically, such as the new Art Deco styled entrance which featured in this year's Show, incorporating the latest AV technology to promote Tullett Prebon's current branding.

Summit to Talk About - 14/12/12

Dellar Davies produced the inaugural Travel Marketing Summit for CIMTIG, and our work was definitely cut out when it came to securing speakers of exceptional calibre, given the high level of attendee!  Moderated by CIMTIG President Richard Carrick, this small and exclusive event themed 'Future Proof Your Travel Brand' welcomed business leaders, travel marketing professionals and agency experts to PwC's prestigious conference facility at More London. 

We assembled some of brand marketing’s top names for the Summit including Graham Hales, CEO of Interbrand London, who explained how it’s essential to have the ‘brand’ as an integral part of the business model, rather than a marketing department bolt-on; Aneil Bedi, Partner of M&C Saatchi, on building a strong brand in a recession; Matthew Tod, Partner of PwC Consulting, on how analytics can help management shape brand performance; Kevin May, Editor & Co-founder of Tnooz, explaining how travel marketing is evolving, Molly Flatt, Social Business Director, 1000heads, challenging conventional thinking on social media; and Tejal Patel, Nokia’s Global Head of Social Commerce and Performance, who explained the challenges faced by the once market leader, now challenger brand.

The Summit concluded with a stimulating debate featuring industry leaders from across travel and brand marketing.  In just a few hours, The Travel Marketing Summit provided a short, sharp snap-shot of what can make travel businesses stand out from the crowd - and the Dellar Davies team went home from a job well done!

ITT's the Season of Goodwill - 6/12/12

Dellar Davies' client, ITT, heralded the start of the festive season last night at its popular Christmas Cocktails with the Institute donating £10 from every ticket to its adopted charity, Just a Drop.  As has become the tradition, the snow fell (albeit on Dellar Davies office in Hertfordshire and not in London!) and guests enjoyed a splendid night of wintry Westminster cheer at the official residence of the Speaker of the House of Commons.  The Speaker himself, the Rt. Hon. John Bercow, wished everyone present the warmest of season's greetings during an impromptu speech - just one of the highlights of a magical evening had by all.

Classy Set Up for Luxury Show - 05/12/12

“Loving the new classy set-up of the Participant’s Lounge” so says a tweet from ILTM – the International Luxury Travel Market – which is taking place this week in Cannes.

Dellar Davies designed the public areas of the exhibition, which is taking place at the Cannes Convention Centre, to give them a luxury look fitting for a luxury travel show. The specially designed areas include the Participants’ Lounge, Media Centre, Restaurant and a forum called Spotlight on Luxury.

Abu-tiful Evening 25/10/12

Last night saw Dellar Davies stage the highlight of the Institute of Travel & Tourism’s event calendar: The ITT President’s Dinner.  The most prestigious event of the year for ITT Members was held at The Dorchester and hosted by the ITT President himself, Trevor Harding.  The evening’s festivities featured a sparkling reception - perfect for high-level networking - a sumptuous meal and fine entertainment. 

The evening commenced with ITT Chairman, Steven Freudmann, revealing the destination for the 2013 ITT Conference: the stunning Fairmont Hotel in Abu Dhabi!  A prize raffle raised over £2,250 for ITT’s adopted water aid charity, Just a Drop, and on the day of his first book launch, guest speaker and BBC News Political Editor Nick Robinson regaled the audience with anecdotes from his media career, including some not-to-be-repeated political indiscretions! 

Standing Ovation Raises the Bar 12/10/2012

When Olympic gold medal rower Katherine Grainger bought a successful Travel Convention to a close with a spontaneous standing ovation from delegates, all the Dellar Davies hands that had been on deck for ABTA’s annual Convention came together in a high-five ‘yes - we did it’ moment!  The all-inclusive Cornelia Diamond Resort & Spa in Belek, Turkey, had been our home for the duration of the three day Convention, which had – judging by the torrent of tweets and word-of-mouth buzz – been deemed one of the best ever.  While we’re confident that this was primarily due to our excellent stage management, organisation and the assembly of a diverse, relevant and insightful line-up of speakers – not only Olympians, but also travel & tourism industry leaders, economists, digital specialists, strategists, trend forecasters and a brilliant brain scientist – the fact that delegates took full advantage of the (unlimited beverages available?) networking opportunities, might also have added to the feel-good factor!  Could all-inclusive resorts be the next big thing for trade conferences?  Rest assured, Dellar Davies has the insight and foresight to stay on top of that particular trend!

The pl-ACE to be for senior cruise executives 20/09/12

Dellar Davies has just returned from Birmingham, where the Burlington Hotel was home to Columbus Day, the all-new ACE Cruise Convention especially designed for senior executives in the cruise sector.  With the evening given over to the ACE Cruise Excellence Awards in association with Cruise Baltic, the daytime conference featured one-to-one business appointments as well as guest speakers from inside and outside of the cruise industry.  Alex Polizzi of TV’s Hotel Inspector fame admitted she was a cruise novice when taking to the stage – only to be overwhelmed with offers to experience a cruise first-hand afterwards! Who knows, commissioning editors might even be inspired to look at a new series for Alex...The Cruise Inspector perhaps?

Luxury Spa & Wellness Event Steams Ahead 12/09/12

Last week saw Dellar Davies in Austria, where the five star superior Interalpen Hotel Tyrol in Seefeld welcomed Europe’s leading buyers and suppliers of spa & wellness breaks to Spa & Wellness by ILTM, a bespoke, invitation-only event.  The two-day inaugural event facilitated pre-scheduled appointments between dedicated spa holiday suppliers and specialist VIP buyers, establishing important partnerships and creating valuable new business. The event also sought to inspire attendees with a dedicated conference programme that focussed on multi-generational and emotional marketing, optimising brand potential, maximising brand differentiation and a panel debate featuring senior industry figures discussing the challenges and opportunities faced by the sector. The event was very well received, with plans already in motion to repeat the success next year – watch this space!

An Inspector Calls… 19/07/12

London was the place to be in 2012, nowhere more so than at the ITT Chairman’s Summer Cocktails, organised by Dellar Davies!  Held at the House of Commons, Members were able to enjoy fantastic views of the Thames and London Eye from the Terrace Pavilion, where they were treated to a drinks reception and canapés before the presentation of the ITT Student Awards.  These were presented by a very special guest - Fernando Peire, the Director of Caprice Holdings who’s also known as...The Restaurant Inspector!

In ITT for the Conference long haul… 13/06/2012

The team has just returned from the Caribbean where we organised ITT’s annual Conference at the 5* Hilton Barbados. Sea, sun and stimulating sessions came together to make this one of ITT’s best conferences yet. Delegates enjoyed two days of business sessions, with highlights including travel industry heavyweights taking to the stage; Ben Schott’s illuminating presentation on the ‘infantalisation’ of air travel; Nick Wheeler of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts announcing that going bankrupt in the ‘80s was ‘slightly annoying’; and a frank and open interview with the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sally Bercow - which saw much press coverage away from the travel pages!  Delegates also enjoyed excursions, a golf tournament and some fantastic social events including a Bajan Roots & Rhythms Party and a Virgin Holidays Rockstar After Party featuring the unforgettable tribute band Madhen and Radio 1 DJ, Fearne Cotton. 

Simply The Best at The Savoy 15/05/2012

Today, the Savoy London hosted the Ultimate Luxury Travel Related Awards – The ULTRAS – for the second year in succession. This prestigious ‘by invitation only’ luxury travel awards event celebrated the best experiences in travel according to readers of the glossy travel magazine published quarterly within The Daily Telegraph.  Over 350 guests from around the world attended this glamorous lunchtime awards event.  To mark Britain’s summer of sport, The ULTRAS were co-hosted by champion boxer Barry McGuigan – honorary patron of Clic Sargent - and Charlotte Jackson of Sky Sports News, with individual awards presented by sporting luminaries including Eddie Jordan, Damon Hill and James Toesland.

Travel Matters in 2012 11/05/2012

Yesterday, Dellar Davies organised ABTA’s third Travel Matters policy event for travel professionals, government bodies and the media. Welcoming back ITV News Special Correspondent Daisy McAndrew as moderator, the invited audience gathered at London’s Millbank Media Centere to discuss the current and future policy issues impacting the industry.  Speakers included the Rt Hon Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Transport; John Penrose MP, Minister for Tourism and Heritage, and Cllr Daniel Moylan, Deputy Chairman, Transport for London, alongside leading industry figures including Ian Ailles, CEO, Thomas Cook UK & Ireland; ABTAs Chief Executive Mark Tanzer; and many more.  The event, sponsored by Deloitte, provided a great forum for the travel industry to make its voice heard to Government. 

ITT Marks the Spot 10/05/2012

ITT was delighted to welcome Peter Marks, Group Chief Executive of The Co-operative Group, to the House of Commons as guest speaker at ITT’s latest Odyssey Supper.  Peter, who joined the group in 1967 and is now responsible for an organisation with an annual turnover of £14 billion, spoke of a career in which he has worked across various functions including food, department stores, funerals, HR and - of course – Travel!

Open Dawes at the House of Commons 29/03/2012

Sandie Dawe MBE, the CEO of VisitBritain, became the fifth female guest speaker at an ITT Odyssey Supper.  Guests heard Sandie share her thoughts on the challenges facing VisitBritain in an Olympic and Jubilee year.  They also heard how VisitBritain is ‘determined to address’ the challenge of attracting more tourists to the UK versus emerging economies such as China, Brazil and India by working ‘in close collaboration’ with the Minister of Tourism.

Onwards and UpAwards with CIMTIG 22/03/2012

The best in the travel marketing business gathered at the Intercontinental London Park Lane Hotel last night for the fourth annual Travel Marketing Awards.  Organised by Dellar Davies on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Travel Industry Group (CIMTIG), the Awards was hosted by Patrick Kielty, and attended by senior marketing professionals from across the travel industry as well as specialist marketing agencies.  Among the key themes to emerge was the increasing importance of behavioural targeting in email marketing as well as successful risk-taking; the value of humour in print and social media campaigns and the growth of ‘gameification’.  Big winners on the night included Visit Wales, the Canada Tourism Commission, Star Alliance and Virgin Atlantic, which picked up x prizes including the much-coveted ‘Brand of the Year’ award.

An Ode to Joy on the Golf Course 19/03/2012

This year’s ITT Golf Masters took place at Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa, a beautiful 135-acre Countryside Golf course in Oxfordshire.  There are few fair ways to spend a spring day – even if some ITT Members found most of their balls ending up in one of the eleven lakes – and the weather was very kind, unlike the same event in 2011!  ITT Members and their guests revelled in the glorious sunshine as they played a round before enjoying a buffet lunch and prize-giving ceremony. 

First Among Equals 02/02/2012

The first Odyssey Supper of 2012 proved to be extremely popular with places snapped up well in advance of the event.  Ian Ailles, CEO - Mainstream, Thomas Cook UK & Ireland was the guest speaker.  Ian spoke of his early childhood in Catford, South London, and of his childhood dreams to be an accountant or professional cellist. He chose to progress as an accountant, taking his first job at Ernst and Young, before his career in travel took off at Thomas Cook after which he joined RCI.  Ian talked of his return to Thomas Cook in January 2011 as Chief Executive, and commented that, after a challenging period, the turnaround in UK mainstream business was well underway.

Christmas Cheer 08/12/2011

On 8 December, the Speakers House at the House of Commons was full of Christmas cheer when it hosted the ITT Christmas Cocktails for the second year running. Guests enjoyed festive and wintry Westminster on the night, with a sprinkling of snow outside and the strains ‘of jingle bells’ being played on the Speakers piano inside! The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the special award presented to Richard Tobias of Best Loved Hotels, in recognition of his contribution to the water aid charity Just a Drop.

Barbados, Bishop and Banter 27/10/11

Last night’s ITT President’s Dinner took place in the splendour of the Dorchester Hotel, being one of the first events to take place in the newly refurbished ballroom. The event, organised by Dellar Davies on behalf of ITT, is the Institute’s most prestigious UK event. Guests were the first to hear that next year’s ITT Conference will take place on the beautiful island of Barbados and they were treated to the hilarious banter of award-winning comedian John Bishop who talked about his life’s travel experiences, from his first family package holiday with First Choice to his first experience of turning left on an aircraft. A fantastic night was had by all.

The Winners Take it All... 26/10/11

Last night Dellar Davies organised The Telegraph’s 2011 Travel Awards in the stunning Hansom Hall at the recently opened St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The Reception was packed out with the great and good of the travel industry. Awards were collected by British Airways, The Savoy, Noble Caledonia, New York and TripAdvisor to name but a few. Entertainment was provided by recently ousted Strictly star, Rory Bremner and the amazing Bianca Nicholas from the Starlight Children’s Foundation, who is living her dream to be a singer inspite of having Cystic Fibrosis. Bianca was introduced by Dynasty star and founder of Starlight, Emma Samms.

Travel’s Top Conversations 6/10/11

Dellar Davies returns today from Palma de Mallorca where we have just organised ABTA’s annual Travel Convention at the unique Palacio de Congresos at the Pueblo Espanol.  The Convention was a huge success, being deemed the best ever for the relevance, diversity and calibre of its main stage sessions.  With speakers including the CEOs of International Airlines Group, Travelzoo Inc, Saga Holidays, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts and TUI Travel as well as guest speakers, Lord Jeffrey Archer and the editor of Wired UK, this really was the event where Travel’s Top Conversations of 2011 took place.

Offshore on Land 20/06/11

Following the recent merger of Acergy with Subsea 7, Dellar Davies took charge of the production for the first of the new Subsea 7’s introductory ‘Offshore’ conferences. This included the business meetings as well as the evening dinners and entertainment, which featured a global-style pub quiz. The second event will take place in September and in January 2012 we’ll be producing Subsea 7’s first annual ‘Kick-Off’ Conference for managers and teams from 16 countries.

Water Water Everywhere! 10/06/11

The Institute of Travel & Tourism has just returned from another successful annual Conference, which took place this year in the wonderful and unique city of Venice. Dellar Davies managed the event, which had the added logistical challenge of getting everyone from A to B by boat! To add to the challenge, the Conference was accompanied by three days of rain and storms. However, delegates’ spirits definitely weren’t dampened as once again the Conference included high profile speakers, including Sir Terry Leahy and Lord Andrew Adonis as well as some magical Venetian parties, one of which featured the Chairman of ITT as a human ventriloquist’s dummy!

Disaster Averted! 25/03/11

Disaster was averted last night when a replacement presenter had to be found for The Travel Marketing Awards at the very last minute – by which we really do mean the very last minute! This wasn’t the first time Dellar Davies has been thrown a curved ball just before an event so, just in the nick of time, we secured the services of travel industry celebrity and newly announced CIMTIG President, Richard Carrick. We knew he would do a good job…and we weren’t disappointed! Unaware of the backstage commotion, guests thoroughly enjoyed the Awards ceremony, which included the announcement of the Travel Brand of the Decade, won by Virgin Atlantic.

10 Days of Boating Knowledge 7-16/01/11

Dellar Davies has just produced a 10 day boating knowledge extravaganza at the Tullet Prebon London International Boat Show. Commissioned by show organisers, National Boat Shows, Dellar Davies was tasked with designing, building and producing a feature area called the Knowledge Box – an intimate theatre with presentations running everyday throughout the show. With over 50 speakers, the Knowledge Box played host to boating legends Mike Golding, Matt Crowhurst and Alan Priddy to name but a few, as well as interactive talks from the Navy, key Olympic venues Lee Valley, Weymouth and Portland and safety talks from the RNLI.

The Knowledge Box proved to be a hugely successful feature which provided the Show’s visitors with an entertaining yet insightful attraction at this year’s event.

Riding the Rapids 01/11

Lee Valley White Water Centre recently swapped their thrills and spills from the outdoors to the indoors – in the Knowledge Box at the Tullet Prebon London International Boat Show! With the assistance of Dellar Davies, Lee Valley Park provided show visitors with a glimpse into their state of the art, action packed, adrenalin pumping White Water Centre. Through an interactive and entertaining presentation produced by Dellar Davies, professional presenter Torie Campbell highlighted the key features of this brand new Olympic venue which will form part of the Olympic legacy. Each session concluded with a competition with members of the audience invited to compete against a seasoned professional on an indoor raft replica called an Ergo – a truly heart pumping and unforgettable experience.

Cannes Cannes 7/12/10

The International Luxury Travel Market opened in Cannes today. ILTM is the leading annual business to business event for the global luxury travel community and for the second year running, Dellar Davies designed all the public areas of the exhibition to be in keeping with the luxury theme.

Speaking of Christmas… 1/12/10

Despite the snow, ITT’s Christmas Cocktails was a great success! As a rare privilege, it was held at the Speaker’s House in the Palace of Westminster, with John Bercow – the Speaker of the House of Commons – making an unexpected appearance and impromptu speech during which he introduced ITT Members and their guests to the four poster bed designed for Monarchs to sleep in on the night before their Coronation! And he was so impressed by ITT Member’s support for the charity, Just a Drop, he invited them back again next year!

Sixty Years at the Heart of Travel 24/11/10

Last night we organised a reception in London to celebrate ABTA’s 60th Anniversary. The event took place in the stunning courtyard at The Wallace Collection, but guests were able to look round the ground floor galleries too. Entertainment was provided by Booth Street Jazz, supported by a crystal ball manipulator and artists who produced portraits of guests as they networked in the style of Picasso and the Grand Masters.

Lighthouse in the Community 19/11/10

Trinity House’s Lizard Lighthouse has asked Dellar Davies to design and produce a temporary exhibition which will give an insight into how Lizard Lighthouse has played its’ part in the community over the years. ‘Lighthouse in the Community’ will have interactive features to appeal to children and adults alike.

Travel Convention Wins Two Awards! 5/11/10

At last night’s prestigious British Travel Awards, The Travel Convention, organised by Dellar Davies, won the Gold Award in two categories: Best Supplier Networking Event or Conference; and Best Travel Agent Event or Conference (>150 Delegates). These awards were voted for by the travel industry and were for ABTA’s 2009 Travel Convention held in Barcelona.

Fascinating Grade 28/10/10

350 guests attended the Institute of Travel & Tourism’s annual President’s Dinner at The Dorchester Hotel last night. This annual dinner remains the prestigious event of the year amongst ITT Members for its high level networking, superb catering and entertainment value. This year’s guest speaker was Michael Grade who gave an enlightening speech about his media career, and musical comedy act Fascinating Aida brought the house down with their unique style of cabaret – the travel industry audience especially liked Cheap Flights, a dig at low cost airlines.

Luxury Home & Leisure Show 14-16/10/10

A new luxury Home & Leisure Show, held at Van Hage’s garden centre in Hertfordshire, proved to be a great success. Van Hage reported a significant increase in visitor numbers on the previous weekend, and exhibitors were delighted with the high quality of sales and leads. The event was co-ordinated by Dellar Davies who initially approached Van Hage about the idea.

Mercedes and The Stig 17/9/10

Last night Dellar Davies organised a luxury event on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Stevenage Showroom to launch the new AMG model. The event was attended by 100 high net worth individuals, and the special guest (apart from the SLS!) was the host for the evening, Perry McCarthy, Top Gear’s original Stig. A number of luxury partners also took part in the event which turned out to be a hugely successful evening.

Summer Cocktails 22/7/10

This evening, ITT Members gathered for drinks in the Terrace Pavilion of the House of Commons for the Institute’s annual Summer Cocktails, an informal networking event to mark the start of the holiday season. It was also an opportunity to celebrate future talent, with the winners of ITT’s student awards being invited to this impressive location to receive their certificates.

Trouserless at The Ivy 1/7/10

Pineapple Studio’s Louie Spence caused mayhem at a Celebrity Quiz night which Dellar Davies organised for ITT last night. Not only was Louie as exuberant and eccentric in real life as he is on TV, he also managed to attract the attention of a tabloid newspaper when he spilt ketchup on his trousers and simply removed the saucy garment for the rest of the evening! Luckily ITT Members were less scandalised than The Sun reporter and had a fun, entertaining night.


Travelzoo is Five! 16/6/10

This evening we organised a 5th Birthday Party for internet media company Travelzoo, theming it around a five year old’s birthday party. However, we gave the event a sophisticated twist to make it suitable for a corporate party for grown ups! Canapés included cheese and pineapple mousse, mini fish and chips, bite size ice cream cones, champagne berry jelly and a birthday cake tower. We also had Connect 4, giant Jenga, a Where in the World? competition, huge bowls of sweets, outsized balloons and an eight foot birthday badge, which adorned the front of One Marylebone – promoting Travelzoo to guests and public alike throughout the day of the event.

Is There Any Justice in the World? 8/6/10

The ITT Conference in Benidorm included a spectacular gala dinner, sponsored by Thomas Cook. The evening was rounded off with a set, sponsored by News International, by singer/song writer Lemar, who we flew to Spain together with his backing group. The group then joined delegates for the Late Night Bar, partying until the very small hours!

Back to our Roots 7-9/6/10

400 ITT Members descended on the Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel and Thai Spa Resort, a luxury resort just outside of Benidorm, for its annual overseas conference – taking today’s travel industry back to its roots. Dellar Davies organised the event including everything from registration and accommodation reservations through to speaker management and technical production. Delegates enjoyed three days of business sessions, dinners, parties, excursions, a golf tournament and one to one networking in the Spanish sunshine. Once again, the quality of ITT’s speakers was high with guest speakers Col Bob Stewart MP and Lord Digby Jones giving fascinating, inspiring, amusing and patriotic presentations, holding the audience in the palms of their hands from start to finish.

Travel Matters 3/6/10

Today we organised ABTA’s inaugural Travel Matters Industry Briefing – and invitation-only event for 150 travel professionals and media. The briefing was moderated by Sky News’ presenter Mark Longhurst with speakers including: Benedict Brogan, The Daily Telegraph; Douglas McWilliams, Centre for Economic and Business Research and Dermot Blastland of TUI Travel. Delegates came away with a greater understanding of the impact that the new coalition government will have on the business world in general and on the travel industry in particular. With compensation for the ash cloud, fair taxation and consumer protection dominating the policy agenda for the travel industry, there has never been a more important time for the industry to make its voice heard.

Launching the European TZoos 4/5/10

Dellar Davies is organising a party for Travelzoo Europe’s 5th birthday, which will take place at the award-winning One Marylebone on 16 June 2010. The Party will include the inaugural European Tzoo Awards, which will honour those companies whose travel deals provide the best value on the internet, based on criteria developed by Travelzoo’s travel deal experts.

New Client 16/4/10

Dellar Davies has just been commissioned by a new client, the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health, to produce and print a range of recruitment materials. The campaign will be targeted at young people thinking about studying medicine, as well as current medical students contemplating paediatrics as a specialist career.

Exclusively Hertfordshire 15/4/10

Dellar Davies is preparing to launch Exclusively Hertfordshire which aims to be the largest luxury marketing group in the country. We are in talks with potential partners with complementary businesses and are planning a series of unusual client marketing events designed to introduce customers to all Exclusively Hertfordshire’s partners.

Living the High Life 15/4/10

The Institute of Travel & Tourism took over The Club at The Ivy last night for a new style of networking event which proved tremendously successful. It was an informal evening in a prestigious venue, with tapas food and a light-hearted speech by Tim Hames, the Special Adviser to the Speaker of the House of Commons. The fashionable Club afforded added value when surprised delegates bumped into the likes of Joan Collins, Cilla Black, Michael Parkinson and Philip Green on the way in to the ITT reception!

‘Coffee Table’ Brochure 19/3/10

We’ve been asked to design a lavish brochure for luxury home automation company Prestige Audio. The company designs and creates high quality audio-visual and lighting solutions for the luxury market and needs the brochure to reflect the prestigious and exclusive nature of its business.

PATA Exchange 2010 15/3/10

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) held a one day event where travel buyers, operators and retailers met suppliers at Australia House in London. Dellar Davies managed the online diary, enabling delegates to choose who they wanted to meet at the event and make appointments in advance.

Colourful Cubism 15/3/10

The Travel Marketing Awards were held this evening at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London. The campaign designed to promote tourism to Queensland came out with the top honours of the night – ‘The Best Job In The World’ won three Awards, including beating 13 other entrants for the prestigious Integrated Campaign of the Year.

The entries are scored on a points system which rates each entry as Gold, Silver or Bronze, regardless of their position in the runner up/winner stakes. This year, for the first time, the standard in a category was so high, a runner up got a Gold rating.

Singer/comedian Tim Minchin brought the house down with his wickedly clever songs about love, marriage and canvas bags…and a bit of ad hoc musical ribbing about travel marketing thrown in for luck! Host Alastair Stewart OBE was assisted by Alan Dedicoat, better known as the National Lottery’s ‘Voice of the Balls’ who was heard but not seen!

Hot Cakes For Sale 5/3/10

A Dellar Davies record was set when an event managed by us sold out in just two days! The events we run on behalf of the Institute of Travel and Tourism (ITT) invariably sell out, but never as quickly as the March 2010 ITT Odyssey Supper. Advertised in the same e-news as the Supper was a brand new ITT event which Dellar Davies is also running and marketing for ITT – in the same two days, we sold 50% of the tickets, which is an exceptionally good start.

Travel Matters 24/2/10

Dellar Davies will be organising ABTA’s first major UK Conference in the summer. Travel Matters will give ABTA the opportunity to explain what the new Government will mean to the travel & tourism sector and to discuss major policy issues that impact the industry.

A Distinctive Experience 20/1/10

Dellar Davies organised a hospitality evening on behalf of luxury tour operator, Journeys of Distinction. The event, held in the 18th floor Penthouse of New Zealand House with its stunning views of the London skyscape, was designed to give customers a sample of the kind of experiences they can expect on a Journeys Of Distinction holiday. The guests participated in several interactive experiences throughout the evening including: Maori chanting and paddling with a Maori Chief; Villa Maria wine tasting with wine educator Quentin Sadler; an Asian salad culinary master class with Masterchef Runner Up, Andy Oliver and Argentine Tango dancing with dancers from Tango in Action. As if that wasn’t enough, one lucky guest departed with a diamond won in the ‘diamond in a glass of fizz’ competition. A magical experience was enjoyed by all...

A little luxury 8-17/01/10

Dellar Davies was contracted to design and build the Platinum Lounge at the Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show. The lounge was a luxurious haven for Platinum Ticket holders to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. The 11x17m stand had an 11x4m first floor which was used exclusively by the Boat Show’s main sponsor, Tullett Prebon, to entertain clients. Our brief was to produce modern luxury in a boutique hotel lounge style, using good design with quality furniture and fittings.

There’s no business like Show Stage business! 8-17/01/10

Dellar Davies has staged ten days of continuous interviews, presentations and entertainment at the Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show. We were contracted to design and build the stage set and surrounding area – which included a café, six feature boats, a VIP lounge, and a platform for the technical crew to work from. We also produced ten days of continuous onstage content, including interviews, presentations, a game show with a prize worth more than £20,000, and a wow factor dance performance, Rock The Boat.

Website Vaccination 12/11/09

Dellar Davies has won the contract to create the Jenner Vaccine Foundation’s new website and branding. The brief is to give it a complete new look to make it more design-led and interactive, at the same time as appealing to a wide range of people who are interested in research, fund raising and volunteering. The Foundation provides support for scientists working on vaccine development and will soon launch a new fundraising programme.

Cinema for the Press pac 11/11/09

Last night, we organised a successful event to launch ‘passionate about cinema’ (pac) to the luxury lifestyle press. pac is a new organisation and wanted to make a big impact by hosting a stand-out event. We transformed the Shooting Gallery of the boutique Haymarket Hotel into a product gallery showcasing a luxury home cinema environment. Working with 20th Century Fox, we demonstrated the latest Blu Ray release of Wolverine with D-BOX motion. The event surpassed our expectations in terms of numbers, seniority of the press and editorial interest gained. The first article about pac was published in the Evening Standard even before the event.

Eye on the Prize 27/10/09

After our initial idea, we have been asked to produce The Ultimate Holiday - a competition to win over £20,000 worth of holidays afloat - on behalf of Sunsail. The competition will culminate on the Show Stage at the London International Boat Show between 8-17 January 2010 and will comprise a press preview, eight heats and a Grand Final on the last day of the Boat Show. The scale of the prize has already generated a lot of interest and we expect it to attract media coverage and large audience numbers.

Building for the Construction Industry 22/10/09

Dellar Davies built three prominent features at Interbuild, a four day B2B exhibition for the construction industry held at the NEC in Birmingham. The Construction Forum was a semi-circular theatre with raked seating and a ‘living wall’ backdrop where hot topics were discussed. The Intelligent Home was a hi-tech ‘home’ which we constructed in collaboration with 12 partners; it proved to be a key experiential feature of the exhibition. SummitSkills was a competition which took place throughout Interbuild; we built the sets needed for the finalists of SkillPlumb and Skill Electrics.

Boating Luxury 20/10/09

Official sponsor of the London International Boat Show, international financial company Tullett Prebon, has awarded Dellar Davies the contract for the design and build of the Tullett Prebon Platinum Lounge. The lounge will be used by the Boat Show’s Platinum Ticket holders who will be treated to brunch, lunch and afternoon tea throughout the day, as well as guests of Tullett Prebon, who will be entertained on the upper-deck overlooking the stunning boats in the South Hall.

A Capital Project 13/10/09

The Royal Society has asked Dellar Davies to work on marketing and publicity material for its Capital Science project. The RS will be running science-related events in cultural and arts centres across London in 2010.

Barcelona Convention 9/10/09

We’re back in the UK after organising another successful Travel Convention for ABTA. This year held in Barcelona, around 1000 delegates from the UK travel industry descended on the city for a packed programme of business sessions, networking and social events. Running alongside the main Convention, we also organised the inaugrual Cruise Forum and Luxury Travel Forum which each involved an additional programme of business sessions and social events. The highlight of the event was the party hosted by Barcelona Tourism and Turespana at the Museu Nacional de Catalunya, where traditional Catalan Correfoc (a festival in which devils play with fire), a human castle and an amazing aerial acrobatic performance provided a unique entertainment experience whilst guests dined in the spectacular surroundings of the Oval Hall.

A Grand Night Out 24/9/09

Dellar Davies brought a touch of glitz to the Institute of Travel & Tourism’s President’s Dinner at The Dorchester Hotel in London. The quick stepping John Sergeant proved to be a very popular after dinner speaker.

Canne Do! 28/8/09

Reed Exhibitions has appointed Dellar Davies as design consultant for the International Luxury Travel Market to be held in Cannes in December. The brief is to give the exhibition’s public areas a more luxurious look, in keeping with the nature of the Show.

Street Party 18/6/09

Dellar Davies organised a fun party for the final night of the UK Cruise Convention. Utilising Dover Cruise Terminal to its best advantage, we organised a street party in the terminal’s covered parking area. A disco comedy act kept the energy levels high and the atmosphere jolly, and stalls provided street-party style food from fish and chips and noodles to a hog roast and waffles. The headline sponsors provided entertainment and games, many on a cruising theme. Two delegates commented: “The Street Party was fantastic – one of the best events for agents ever.” “All I can say is it blew me away, WOW. It was innovative and unexpected. The atomsphere was electric. I have not stopped talking about it since I’ve been back.”

Full of Middle Eastern Promise 12/6/09

The Dellar Davies team has just returned from another very successful ITT (Institute of Travel & Tourism) Conference, which this year took place in hot and sunny Dubai! The Conference was hosted by Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing and took place at the Intercontinental Dubai, Festival City, just ten minutes from Dubai International Airport. Everything ran like clockwork thanks to the excellent support provided by the hotel and ground staff in Dubai.

News International VIP Lunch 9/6/09

Today, Dellar Davies reached heady heights when we organised a VIP lunch during the ITT Conference in Dubai for News International. This small but exclusive event took place on the top floor of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.  The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of the hotel is a symbol of modern Dubai, but it’s the service within the hotel that is so extraordinary – no wonder it is repeatedly voted the world’s most luxurious hotel! 

After lunch, the hotel’s General Manager joined the group and took them on a personal tour of some of the hotel’s most exclusive suites.  It was a memorable afternoon of hospitality, fine dining and luxury – not forgetting the breath-taking views of Dubai.

Gold Medal Travel Gala Dinner 9/6/09

Dellar Davies organised a Gala Dinner on behalf of Gold Medal Travel at Raffles Hotel in Dubai. Delegates at the ITT Conference were treated to a champagne reception in the lobby of the Egyptian themed hotel, and a formal dinner in the glittering ballroom. We also arranged for another sponsor, News International, to provide the after dinner entertainment, soul singer Jocelyn Brown, who had everyone up on their feet dancing!

In the lap of luxury 11/5/09

Dellar Davies designed, produced and staged the prestigious Ultratravel awards which were held this year at The Dorchester on Park Lane. The Ultras recognise the very best in luxury travel and attract a high profile guest list from all over the world. Boyzone’s Ronan Keating hosted the Awards ceremony and many celebrities from stage, screen and sport were on hand to present the Awards to the worthy winners, adding a touch of glamour of the event.

Cedia Awards 3/4/09

Dellar Davies produced and staged this year’s Cedia Awards at The Brewery in London. The awards provide a high profile focus for excellence in the residential custom installation industry, with entries and winners coming from as far afield as India, Pakistan and South Africa. The awards were hosted by Sky TV’s Martin Stanford – well known as the popular face of ‘Technofile’. After dinner entertainment was provided by Stringfever.

Down To A Tee 26/3/09

This year’s ITT Golf Masters Tournament is set to be the most successful in many years! Organised by Dellar Davies, the number of players and spectators has exceeded previous records in defiance of the current economic climate. For the first time, the ITT Tournament will be held at the impressive London Golf Club, the venue for this year’s European Open, on Monday 30 March.

And the Winner Is…. 17/3/09

Last night Dellar Davies relaunched The Travel Marketing Awards at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s travel industry group. The BA campaign ‘Terminal 5 is Working’ turned out to be the Slumdog Millionaire of the night with four Gold Awards and one Silver. And for the first time ever, a Viral Campaign with a budget of just £1,000 won a Gold Award for von Essen Hotels. The night was a huge success and CIMTIG is already planning next year’s ceremony. Mark Durden Smith presented, stereophonically assisted by Jess and Laura Tilli, and musical entertainment was provided by electric string quartet Siren.

Judging Complete 2/3/09

The final judging for The Travel Marketing Awards took place over lunch at the Haymarket Hotel in London following a ten-day online voting process. Dellar Davies took on the task of getting 25 of the top names in the travel, marketing and advertising industries in the same place at the same time so they could make their final decision. Winners will be announced at a formal award ceremony at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel on 16 March.

They’ll Be The Judge of That – 6/2/09

The Travel Marketing Awards is being launched and organised by Dellar Davies on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s travel industry group. We have just launched the judges’ website, which of course is held in a secret location! All the finalists’ entries are available for the judges to view and evaluate online, to make the judging process seamless and enable the judges to view the entries over a ten day period. The glittering awards ceremony will be held at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel on Monday 16 March 2009.

Onstage at the Boat Show 9/1/09

The London International Boat Show opened at London’s ExCel on January 9th. Dellar Davies had four projects at the Show:

  • The Main Stage – Powered by Fairline.  National Boat Shows asked us to run The Main Stage for the second year  running. The Main Stage played host to an engaging schedule marine themed entertainment, fashion shows, seminars and activities throughout the ten days of the event.
  • Sailing Close to the Wind – we  produced a daily stage presentation about the importance of wearing  lifejackets for the Maritime Coastguard Authority, Royal Yachting Association  and RNLI. The presentation was adapted for a Sea Skool session which was designed to get the same message across to children and involved an ecological  quiz sponsored by Green Blue.

  • Trinity House Stand – we designed  and constructed an interactive exhibit using model boats for Trinity House.

  • The Launch of PAC – we worked on  the launch of Pulse Marketing’s Passionate About Cinema project.

Building Excitement 5/1/09

The Dellar Davies crew began construction of the Main Stage for the London International Boat Show. The area has a raised stage with a big screen consisting of 180 Toshiba 6mm tablets with a centre split for dramatic reveals. The feature area also consisted of seating and café areas, and backstage dressing rooms, storage and production control areas.

Adiós España 16/10/08

The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE) has just held its annual conference in Madrid where it announced its new name, the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) which will replace OTE in January 2009. Dellar Davies organised every aspect of the event, from design and build of the stage and exhibition areas, speaker bookings, moderator scripting, event logistics, organising the Ice Breaker Party and Gala Dinner, through to delegate registration and venue liaison.

Dinnertime Acrobatics 14/10/08

A spectacular aerial acrobratic display was the highlight of a private dinner held by Group RCI at the famous Tapestry Factory during the OTE Forum in Madrid. The dinner and entertainment were organised by our event managers and show producers.

From Strength to Strength 8/10/08

The second Travel Convention has just finished in Gran Canaria. The format of the event was developed further following the successful launch of the Convention in 2007 and this year received even greater praise. The business sessions were topical, relevant and helpful, concentrating on the state of the industry in the current economic climate, and were superbly handled by BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine. The spectacular and memorable social events complemented the networking and business brilliantly, ensuring the all round success of the Convention.

A New Tradition 22/9/08

Dellar Davies brought a touch of glitz and glamour to ITT’s President’s Dinner at The Dorchester Hotel in London. Entertainment was provided by electric string quartet Stringfever and the after dinner speaker was Lord Charles Falconer. The event was first held in this format to celebrate ITT’s golden jubilee three years ago and was so successful it’s become an ITT tradition. Former speakers have been Boris Johnson and The Rt. Hon. Charles Kennedy MP.

Saving Lives 12/9/08

The dangers of not wearing a lifejacket whilst sailing were highlighted in an interactive drama which will be played out each day at the Southampton Boat Show. Written and produced by Dellar Davies, the story revolves around twins out for a day’s sailing. The actresses on stage talk directly to the audience at the same time as interacting with film footage in order to get the message across. Joint clients the Marine & Coastline Authority, the RNLI and the Royal Yachting Association were delighted with the production and plan to run an up-dated version at the London International Boat Show in January 09.

Boating Gold 12/9/08

The 40th Southampton Boat Show opened with a spectacular stage show produced by Dellar Davies. Boating heroes over the past forty years took to the stage with the Olympic sailing team with their host of gold, silver and bronze medals! A special version of the fashion show, which will take place daily throughout the duration of the event, was staged with live music from the last four decades. SBS’s show opener attracted hundreds of visitors.

A Commons Touch 24/7/08

Drinks on the terrace at the House of Commons were organised for the Institute of Travel and Tourism. The ITT Chairman’s Cocktails were arranged as an informal party for ITT Members in an impressive setting. The combination worked extremely well and the event was sold out well in advance. The Rt.Hon. Margaret Hodge MP, Minister for Culture Creative Industries & Tourism, was the guest speaker. During the event, the ITT Chair – Rhodri Thomas - presented awards to ITT’s outstanding travel and tourism students.


The Daily Telegraph reported that the organisers of the ITT Conference phoned the President of Cyprus to ask him to delay an easyJet flight, thus enabling The Rt.Hon. John Prescott MP to get back to the UK in time for a vital Parliamentary vote. Although Dellar Davies’s contacts are excellent, they don’t include direct lines to world leaders! However, after a bit of lateral thinking and favour-calling we’d like to say a huge thank you to the management team at Hermes Airport who managed to get John onto his flight after the check in gate had closed, after his driver inadvertently took him to the wrong airport!


The Dellar Davies team is in Cyprus for ITT’s annual conference. We’re responsible for organising the event, which is taking place at the superb Aphrodite Hills Resort near Paphos in Cyprus.  One of the highlights of the event is the Gala Dinner, sponsored by Times Media, where X-Factor runner up Rydian Roberts will be performing in the open-air setting of the ancient Kouklia Castle.


The 2008 Collins Stewart London Boat Show won the Best Consumer Show Award at the Association of Event Organisers Excellence Awards. Dellar Davies produced the Main Stage event which was widely acclaimed as putting the sparkle back into the Show!


The Dellar Davies team has been in Southampton where we were in charge of registration, organisation and logistics for the 2nd UK Cruise Convention organised by ACE – the Association of Cruise Executives. Despite the need to bus 400 travel agents around Southampton so that they could view five different cruise ships in just two days, with Dellar Davies at the helm, it was simply plain sailing!


We’ve just begun a project for a new client, Emap. We will design, build and manage a number of feature stands at InterBuild, the building industry’s biggest trade show.


Dellar Davies was one step ahead after the STEPS trade fair. The client, the Spanish Tourist Office runs the event aimed at online distributors, dynamic packaging agents, tour operators and meeting planners on an annual basis at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London.


An afternoon exhibition on behalf of London Borough of Redbridge ‘Connexions’ was held to highlight the wide range of services available to young people in the area. Dellar Davies took care of the event logistics and marketing. The event attracted 80 exhibitors and hundreds of young people - far more than first anticipated.


Our Main Stage event at the Collins Stewart London Boat Show – with its glamorous lifestyle fashion shows and spectacular Sea Queen show – has been hailed a great success with some amazing feedback. Many claimed that it put the sparkle back into the Show…watch out for even bigger and better next year!


Dellar Davies has taken charge of onsite registration and logistics for a two day conference organised by the Institute of Business Ethics, taking place at the Victoria Park Plaza in London. 


Acergy has just finished its annual Kick Off Meeting in Frankfurt. Dellar Davies designed and built the stage set and ran the technical production for the business sessions, which were moderated by BBC presenter Paul Coia.


Dellar Davies is producing the Main Stage event at the Collins Stewart London Boat Show. This innovative venture brings live entertainment to the Boat Show for the first time and has been designed to focus on the boating lifestyle. 


On 1 January 2008, Dellar Davies was created by the merger of long-established communications companies CO Plus and Origin ID. Each brings to Dellar Davies an impressive client list and complementary projects, as well as skilled and creative teams bringing fresh ideas and a wide variety of experience.

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