Ticking the pink boxes

As an accountant I’m used to counting, logic and ticking boxes – it’s what we number crunchers do best!  So I was happy to volunteer for the task of making sure that the right people were given the right accolades at an awards ceremony run by Dellar Davies.

The Travel Marketing Awards was a high profile, high energy evening to celebrate the very best in travel marketing, advertising and integrated campaigns. A three course meal was interspersed with a three-part ceremony where the Awards – fabulously shocking pink cubes – were presented to the winners. And because the awards themselves were pink, we gave the ceremony a pink theme.

The task I’d volunteered for wasn’t – as I’d hoped – a backstage role. I had to be dressed in the colour of the night and up on the stage in full view of everyone… which meant looking the part as well as being in charge of 26 pink cubes. But how could I make sure the right awards were given to the right winners when I was concentrating more on not letting my knees knock so loudly?! Is it really possible for glamour and common sense to successfully co-exist in the same body?

Thankfully, yes!

Pinking myself up for the occasion didn’t deplete my brain power after all and, to be honest, once I’d got in the swing of things I stopped being nervous and everything was fine. Every winner was presented with the right award, and I even made it up and down the stage steps three times without tripping over! Not the sort of role you’d normally associate with accountancy I know, but it really isn’t necessary to wear a beige tank top and thick rimmed glasses if you’re in to double entries!