By all means experiment with the latest virtual event portal, however always remember that the user experience is everything.

Ease of use

An intuitive virtual event platform is crucial for a successful online event, so remember to ensure that your all singing, all dancing platform is easy to use for your attendees.

Use a trained team

There are lots of portals on the market, but knowing how to make them run without a hitch requires many hours of practice and hands on experience. Don’t take risks – let us run your online event for you – nothing is too much trouble and we have all the experience necessary to guide you on how to get the most out of your virtual event portal.

Create guides

With each virtual event comes new technology for audiences, speakers and exhibitors to get to grips with. Don’t leave things to chance. Provide guides that are tailored to your event for all participants – we find video guides are a great tool, but image-led guides can also work well. We will always offer you a personalised video guide for attendees when using our portal.

Don’t be afraid to go live!

The advice initially was to pre-record all content and it’s fair to say that production values can be more enhanced with a pre-recorded event. However, a mix of both pre-recorded and live-streamed content is a great way to keep your audience entertained as well as engaged. We live-stream with high production values and it works, so don’t be afraid to go live.

Live support

Your event is about to start and you have a delegate experiencing technical difficulties. By all means have a Help guide on your portal, but nothing beats talking to a real person when time is of the essence. We find that one of our live support assistants per 100 attendees is ideal.


Create the best experience for your attendees by customising the build of your online portal to suit the needs of your event. One size doesn’t fit all for online events, any more than it does for an in-person event.

Maximise the countdown

Often a portal has a handy countdown feature, however we recommend adding to the anticipation that the event (or session) is about to start by including a countdown in an animated session opener. Apart from engaging the audience, this is a useful trick for ensuring the speakers commence talking at the right time when live streaming from an online studio.