Pearls of wisdom

Today marks Dellar Davies 30th Anniversary; an anniversary traditionally celebrated with the gift of Pearls. Pearls stand as a symbol of wisdom and they are the only precious gemstones that begin life as a tiny hidden speck, before adding layers and growing more robust over time.

It feels fitting therefore that the pearl is our anniversary gemstone this year, as what started as a small vision of our Founder and CEO Elaine Dellar all those years ago has evolved with new experiences gained, new skills learned and many new services added – our layers have multiplied, just like the pearl. We have become a much stronger company as a result, and the Covid pandemic has without doubt made us even more adaptable and robust.

These first 30 years have been filled with wonderful memories and friendships forged with clients and contacts around the globe – we are truly grateful for the tremendous support you have all shown us and the lasting friendships we’ve made along the way.

As we celebrate this special milestone, we look forward to where we are headed next and to continuing to add layers to our collective and individual pearls!

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