Virgin Trains World Class Service Awards

Virgin Trains recognises the work of exceptional members of staff via its World Class Service Awards scheme. To thank winners for their outstanding work and make them feel special, they asked Dellar Davies to organise a celebratory day out to include a formal lunch, awards ceremony and an interactive afternoon of fun.


The venue had to be grand enough to make the winners feel special, but also suitable for the interactive part of the afternoon. As the event was held in June, we wanted to have the opportunity to be outdoors if the weather was nice, with an indoor option in the event of bad weather. We chose Weston Park, a stately home in the Staffordshire countryside which suited all Virgin Trains' requirements. The Orangery was transformed into a beautiful dining room for the silver service lunch and awards ceremony. We used parts of the house and garden for the informal afternoon activities.


As the venue was a stately home, the theme of the event was A Day At The Manor. The host was given the title of Squire and the games were based around activities you might expect at a stately home, i.e. croquet, a maze, hat making, painting, puzzles and a giant skill game. We even hired a butler for the day! A gourmet lunch was served with a selection of fine wines, and the day ended with a stately afternoon tea.


Our ‘Squire’ for the day was Mark Durden-Smith whose status as a TV personality, combined with his humorous, friendly style, made him the perfect host for the occasion.


Dellar Davies created six different team games, providing the necessary materials and managing them on the day. Delegates took part in all of the activities which were carried out in a 15 minute rotation. One of the most successful activities was painting, where delegates were given a small abstract picture to copy and paint. When all the small paintings were finished, they were pieced together to reveal a large mosaic picture of a Virgin Train speeding through the British countryside.

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