Travel Marketing Awards

The Travel Marketing Awards

In 2009, Dellar Davies was invited to relaunch the annual Travel Advertising Awards by the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Travel Industry Group - CIMTIG.

We renamed the event The Travel Marketing Awards to reflect the diversity of travel marketing in the 21st Century. The Awards ceremony has been a sell-out since its rebranding, growing year on year.

Brand Identity

Dellar Davies designed an identity for The Travel Marketing Awards which is followed through to the Awards trophies - vibrantly coloured cubes. The trophy colours change each year, in tandem with the marketing materials and the stage set, and have fast become travel industry collectors' items!


To shake up the traditional format of travel industry awards ceremonies, when the awards follow the dinner and entertainment and invariably commence after the last train home has departed, we present the Awards in four sections – marketing, advertising, brand and campaigns of the year – which are interspersed between each of the dinner courses.


Each year we bring together a panel of senior travel industry marketing professionals with leading lights from the marketing and advertising industry to judge the Awards.

Having judged the entries independently, completing the task in their own time, the judges come together for a final decision making meeting when those entries without a clear winner are debated and decided.


Dellar Davies organises every aspect of the Awards ceremony staging from technical production to script writing and screen media creation.

The Awards are hosted each year by a celebrity presenter often assisted by a Voice of God, such as the Voice of the Balls, Alan Dedicoat, whose banter with the presenter and explanations of why the winners deserved their Awards ensures a seamless and amusing ceremony.


Entertainment tops the evening. In 2010 the entertainment was provided by award-winning singer and comedian, Tim Minchin, who brought the house down with his wickedly clever songs about love, marriage, canvas bags...and a bit of ad hoc musical ribbing about travel marketing thrown in for luck!


Dellar Davies designs and hosts The Travel Marketing Awards website - visit to view the site.

Ambient Marketing

At the end of the evening, Taxi Media has provided a free shuttle service to the local tube and railway stations in a fleet of TTMA branded taxis. Not only was this a welcome service for the guests, it also raised the profile of the Awards.

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