Kick Off Meetings and Offshore Seminars

Subsea 7 is one of the world’s leading seabed-to-surface engineering and construction companies. Each year, the company stages meetings for their onshore and offshore senior management teams. The meetings include plenary sessions, breakout meetings and awards dinners.

Dellar Davies works closely with Subsea 7 to produce its events, as well as producing videos that are used by their internal and external communications teams to convey key messages around the world.

Set Design

Working within Subsea 7's corporate guidelines, Dellar Davies designs and builds the stage set for the annual conferences which include a Kick Off Meeting and two Offshore Seminars.


Dellar Davies production team supports, both technically and through content development, Subsea 7's internal communications events.

Awards Dinner

The Kick Off Meetings and Offshore Seminars include celebrations of Subsea 7's successes with an Awards Dinner.

The Offshore Seminar Awards recognise and reward the vessels that have achieved outstanding safety performance with a combination of LTI and TRC Awards.

Screen Media

Using the latest screen media software, we produce creative video stings/indents to enhance the business presentations.


Dellar Davies produces videos for Subsea 7's worldwide exhibitions as well as their conferences.

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