The Royal Society

350th Anniversary Campaign

The Royal Society is one of the world’s oldest scientific academies. With their 350th Anniversary in 2010 and their sights set on the future, the Society embarked on a commemorative fundraising campaign. Dellar Davies was selected to launch and market this high profile 'On The Shoulders Of Giants' initiative, which ended on 30 November 2010 having reached its goal of raising £100 million.

Marketing Strategy

Dellar Davies devised an approach that would illustrate how the work of a select number of prolific scientists has affected the world in which we live. This was designed to open our minds to the amazing impact the scientists have on our lives and the benefits that we all enjoy as a result of their endeavours. A variety of tactics were employed to bring their work to life, including case studies, photo shoots and interviews.


Produced for a target audience of high net worth individuals, a quality ‘case for support’ pack incorporating ‘how to give’ brochures was produced to stress the importance and significance of all donor contributions.


A bespoke website was designed to depict the campaign theme, carry important information about the history of the Society and deliver compelling reasons to support this significant project.

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