Live events have always set out to educate and entertain, but often entertainment is overlooked online. Here are a few ideas, but we have lots more…

Use music

We all use walk up music while speakers come to the stage for live events, but the music doesn’t need to stop playing because your event is online. Use animated stings with a backing track to start every session. Not only does it set a tone for your event, it also alerts attendees that the session is about to start.

Virtual DJ

If you’re running an online social event, a musical start, middle and end will keep the audience on their toes, so how about using a virtual DJ to provide a musical interlude, up the energy and announce your housekeeping notes to keep the event and audience on track as well as engaged.

Encourage photo sharing

Encourage attendees to show each other they are online by offering a virtual photo booth. This could be a plug-in or you could use our built-in eventstream. Either way, running a competition for the best photo is guaranteed to get your audience involved.

Virtual tours

Don’t forget to use video to create virtual tours which could form a part of a session, a product presentation or be available on the on-demand gallery for down time entertainment.

Whether it’s a virtual cruise ship/hotel tour, a destination or a factory, online events provide the ideal opportunity to run virtual tours.

Games and energisers

Corporate games and energisers can be used during virtual events to create more engagement, which is particularly useful for staff events. From virtual escapes to mini games, there are solutions for everyone.