It’s especially important to engage with your audience online. We’ve shared a few suggestions below…

Use engagement tools

Or rather, don’t forget to use them! There are lots of options available on a virtual event portal including: Eventstreams, Discussion Forums, Live Q&A, Audience Polls. Think about how you want to use these tools as an integral part of your content development process, rather than as an after-thought.

Host your discussion forum

Rather than leaving this feature open to interpretation, assign someone to get the conversation going on your portal’s discussion forum or eventstream. It makes sense to have someone keeping an eye on this without taking over.

Private social network

Using an eventstream provides a platform for your attendees to post photos, videos, comments and share in the social experience exclusively for your event. Our eventstream can also retweet from Twitter and show sponsor ads, but if you want to keep the activity between attendees private, this would be an ideal solution.


Using gamification to encourage audience engagement brings out the competitive nature in more people than you’d imagine – even the most senior executives.

You could offer points for attending sessions, networking, arranging meetings with exhibitors or answering trivia questions about a previous session. The scoreboard will show the leaders and keep the competition fierce.

Offer a covetable prize – or even just a supply of good quality chocolate – and you’ll be amazed what happens. Give it a go!