Content is King

Great content is critical to make your online event a success. Here are our top tips to ensure your content stands out:

Keep it snappy

An attendee’s attention span is much shorter online than it would be at an in-person staged event. We recommend 10-15 minutes if your speaker is seated or using a webcam. This can be increased to 20 minutes for studio presentations, where your speaker is standing and/or using visual support.

Use a moderator

An experienced moderator will be the glue that binds your online event together, engaging with both the audience and the speakers.

Use a variety of speakers

You no longer have the usual live event obstacles such as speakers not being available on your event date, different time zones or the need to travel to a venue, so take advantage of the opportunity presented by online events to to hear from a wider range of presenters.

Invest in guest speakers

Your attendees are collectively giving you a significant amount of their time, so they deserve to hear from presenters who will energise, educate and inspire them. Remember to check that your guest speaker can engage with an audience down a camera lens – not all on-stage speakers are as good when talking to a camera!

Interactive workshops

Often attendees will learn more by getting involved, so consider using interactive workshops.

Use multiple streams

If you have lots to talk about, you can divide sessions into concurrent streams to cater for the different needs of your audience. All streams can be made available on-demand after the scheduled session has finished so attendees won’t miss out.

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