Lucy’s Work Experience

Lucy Francis, a year 12 student has spent some time with us this week carrying out work experience across different areas of Dellar Davies. Lucy said, “I have loved my time at Dellar Davies as I’m interested in studying Marketing and Event Management next year at university. Being at Dellar Davies has helped me to… Continue reading Lucy’s Work Experience

World Health Day

As today marks World Health Day, the Dellar Davies team share the ways they like to keep healthy… Sara: Ariel classes (hoop, pole, and trapeze) keep me fit and sane because life is better upside down! I also do gym classes 3-4 times a week, mixing it up between HIIT and Body Pump. Oh, and… Continue reading World Health Day

Meet us: Natalie

We caught up with Natalie Scripps, our Assistant Event Manager and Registration Executive, to get to know her better… What do you enjoy most about working in events?Every event is different; from the client, the location, design, and production to whether it is in-person, online, or blended – no two events are the same! Most… Continue reading Meet us: Natalie

Pearls of wisdom

Today marks Dellar Davies 30th Anniversary; an anniversary traditionally celebrated with the gift of pearls. Pearls stand as a symbol of wisdom and they are the only precious gemstones that begin life as a tiny hidden speck, before adding layers and growing stronger and more robust over time. It feels fitting therefore that the pearl… Continue reading Pearls of wisdom

Benefits of blended events

Online events have significantly grown in popularity in recent times and have become an integral part of many of our clients’ long-term event strategies. As we move forward and see more and more in-person events returning, we urge companies to seriously consider the benefits of blended events, which combine a live in-person event with an online… Continue reading Benefits of blended events

Meet us: Helena

Favourite event destinations?My favourite was Tokyo, where we delivered ABTA’s Travel Convention. It was unique, the food was incredible, and the people were so welcoming. Highlights included a party on the 39th floor of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel where we enjoyed breath-taking views across Tokyo; supper at the famous (Kill Bill) Gonpachi Restaurant and amazing… Continue reading Meet us: Helena

Change it up!

Check out our tips on changing up your online event format to provide new event experiences… Try something new Add on-demand videos that are unrelated to the main event to bring light and shade into the day. For example, a light workout routine, podcasts, trivia questions, games or even a cooking demo. Interrupt your attendees… Continue reading Change it up!

Content is King

As the Omicron wave at the start of 2022 has driven many companies to move their in-person events back online, a reminder that great content is critical to make your online event a success. Here are our top tips to ensure your content stands out: Keep it snappy An attendee’s attention span is much shorter… Continue reading Content is King