The Travel Convention

ABTA’s annual Convention is the UK travel industry’s flagship event. Launched in 1953, Dellar Davies has been responsible for organising and staging this three-day event since 1995.

In 2007, we were tasked with repositioning the Convention to reflect the changes developing within the travel sector at the time. Combining extensive research into the needs and expectations of delegates with the visions and objectives of ABTA, a brand new event was conceived: The Travel Convention.

The event continues to evolve and innovate to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the sector. The Convention takes place in a different destination every year and has been staged in every continent of the globe – including an extended reality (XR) environment during the Covid pandemic.

I have no hesitation in recommending Elaine and her team. Feedback has been consistently excellent, with delegates appreciating the structure and content of the Convention, as well as the professionalism of its execution.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive, ABTA
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